Tuesday – Anything Possible with The Experimental Notebook of C.S.Boyack II and Lisa Burton #RRBC

Today I am so happy to welcome Lisa Burton once again to Fiction Favorites. For those of you who have been roleplaying vampires too long and haven’t been out much, Lisa is the robot assistant of Author C.S Boyack. Don’t let the term robot throw you. Lisa is every bit as human as I, as I, as I am. She is a terrific spokesperson and is used to help Craig with his promotional programs. Also noteworthy is the fact that Lisa is much better looking than Craig, so you have to respect his intellect on the choice. Without further blather, I present Lisa Barton who is here to discuss C.S.Boyack’s latest book.

Thanks for having me over again. The last time I was here I think I was interviewing you. You might find it interesting that you played a role in some of the goings on at Entertaining Stories.

My job today is to promote Craig’s new book, so we ought to deal with that first. It’s called The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II. The book is Craig’s second collection of short stories and micro-fiction. The first one was pretty popular, so he decided to do it again.

Experimental Notebook

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The covers have a theme going, and Craig could carry this on for quite a while. There is one alchemy wheel on the first book, two appear on this cover, and there will be three on the next one – if he produces it.

These are all speculative fiction and there is some paranormal, some science fiction, and one that barely passes for fantasy. There are also two in the collection that aren’t speculative at all. Because of them, this collection has more stories than the first one. Craig considers them as free add-ons. They deal with murder, though, so somebody ought to like that.

Craig likes to revisit at least one character from his novels in these collections. I was proud to get a short story in the first book, but this time, it fell to someone else. Pete Rogers is a gangly teenager in Craig’s novel Will O’ the Wisp. In this story he’s all grown up, has a wife and new baby, and is trying to make his way in the world. The story has also moved from the 1970s to the 1980s, but there are less cultural references in a short story. Pete winds up having quite a rough night on the same ground where everything went down in Will O’ the Wisp.

The story is called Night Bump Radio, and you, John helped out with some of the radio lingo in the story. Craig said to tell you; you’re an honorary Research Siren. (“I’m touched,” says John. “Thank you, Craig”)

About this time, you came up with the idea of having me interview you for a blog post. I’d never heard of anything like this, and neither had Craig. A fictional character interviewing a real author, pretty unique. Of course, we wanted to participate.

When Night Bump Radio was written, we discussed it as being one of the posters to promote this book. We acquired the poster, but I stole it. This was the birth of Lisa Burton Radio, the show where I interview the fictional characters, including Ned Tranes and John Cannon.

Lisa Burton

It wouldn’t be like me to show up at a promotional stop and not bring a gift. My posters reflect, but not 100%, one of the stories in the collection. This one is from a story called Career Move. People are more than welcome to snitch it and use it as a background image on a PC, iPad, phone, or whatever.

The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack is only 99¢. For that price, I think it’s well worth the risk. Thanks for inviting me today, and Craig’s looking forward to hosting you on your own promotional tour.

Thanks, Lisa. I was honored to be one of Craig’s beta readers for both of the notebooks, and I can say they are both books everyone is going to want to own. At $0.99 (A third of a Starbucks coffee) these have to be one of the best literary buys around. I hope Craig will give me a shot at a beta read for number three.

Please come back again.

Craig Boyack

C. S. Boyack

Craig and Lisa

Craig’s Bust and Lisa

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    1. Thanks for the assist.

    2. Thanks for the reblog

  1. Thank you, John. I’ll try to check in during the day and play in the comments. Appreciate all your help on this project.

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    Lisa Burton, my personal assistant and spokesmodel, is visiting with John Howell today. John was very helpful in getting this book written, and we’re talking about the story he helped with. John is one of those super supportive authors, and a great writer and blogger. Please consider following his blog while you’re over there.

    1. Thanks for the reblog and kind words.

  3. Shouldn’t that last caption read “Lisa and Craig’s busts” ? ;~}

  4. Just when I begin to believe self publishing and publishing in general is too big a beast, I read something here that brings me hope. Best of luck with this new installment. The idea of there being a portion of Experimental Notebook that barely passes for fantasy reals me right in. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the experiments.

    2. Thanks for the comment, Audrey. Craig has a way to pull a lot of folks in. 😀

  5. Night Bump Radio was a good one. It was nice seeing Pete all grown up.

    1. Thanks for stopping Mae Clair. I have to agree. 🙂

    2. Thanks, Mae. It’s fun to revisit them on occasion.

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    Yes, most anything is possible in C. S. Boyack’s Experimental Notebooks. I’m still reading this edition but I’ve found the alchemy fascinating so far! Reblogging on Archer’s Aim.

    1. Thanks for the assist, PH. Glad you’re enjoying it.

      1. Hat-tip. I hope to have at least a rating by this weekend…

      2. Thanks again. You can get RRBC credit for it too.

  7. Night Bump Radio is such a great title. Thanks for sharing, John. Wishing Craig the best!

    1. Yes it is. I enjoyed that one the most I think. Thanks, Jill

    2. Thank you, Jill. It’s so hard to come up with good titles that it’s nice to hear. I’ll take all the luck you sent too.

  8. Nice one Lisa and John – love the posters (I just read Career Move last night! LOL) 😀

    1. Thanks for the visit, Jan. 🙂

    2. Thank you, Jan. Glad you’re enjoying the stories.

  9. Great chat, you guys! And good luck with the new book.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post.

  10. Hi John! Very interesting post! Lisa did a wonderful job introducing us to Craig’s latest book. I’ve been intrigued by both ‘The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack’ I and II. At .99¢ it’s a steal! Tweeting, Tumbling, and Stumbling! 😉

    1. it is a steal. Thanks so much for the visit, Vashti. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, John. 🙂

    2. Wow, thanks for all the support. It really helps.

      1. It’s my pleasure, Craig. 😀

  11. Great interview, John and Lisa. 🙂 I’ve read the first Notebook, and now I’m reading book II. Highly recommend both! Cheers. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Natalie. That little testimonial means a lot to me.

  12. Reading this book now while I am still ion vacation! So far, it’s great!!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying my experiments. How’s push Tuesday treating you?

    2. Hope the vacation is relaxing, Jan. Thanks for letting us know and the visit.

  13. I’ve purchased it and it sits on my TBR list. I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂

    1. Thank you, and thank you for the re-blog.

    2. Thanks, Yvette for the visit.

    1. Thank you , Don for the reblog

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