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Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy Say Goodbye to the Grass

  “Well, Little One, the time has finally arrived.” “Time? What time?” “Time to say your farewells to this grass.” “Where’s the grass going?” “The workers are coming to take it away and install artificial turf.” “Artificial Turf? Why’s that?” “Cause the Boss is tired of trying to grow real grass.  Shade and you and […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – The Birthday Tree Arrives

“Lucy. Do you see what I see?” “I do, Little One. Looks like a monster truck to me.” “You are right. What the heck is it doing here?” “Looks like they are going to plant the Boss’s  birthday tree.” “It is about time. Do they know what they are doing?” “Yup. Mom went out there […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Another Hole.

“Every time I turn around, somebody’s doing something.” “What’s wrong, Twiggy?” “There’s a big old hole here in the yard. I knew this would happen.” “What do you mean, ‘I knew this would happen?’” “I tried to bark those guys to St Louis, and Mom put me inside.” “What guys?” “The guys with shovels and […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy in a Construction Zone

“What the heck is all this mess?” “I don’t know, Little One, but I suspect the Boss has been watching a do-it-yourself video.” “This trench is all filled with water. That can’t be right.” “I would agree. Where is the Boss anyway?” “I don’t know, but it looks like a lot of dirt that needs […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Olive Concerns

“I can see you have some concerns, Little One.” “I have been thinking of that olive tree that got frozen this winter.” “What about it?” “Sometimes these things come back.” “But the boss already got a new magnolia to go in that spot.” “Look. Just as I figured. Little green shoots.” “You sure you aren’t […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy – Squirrel Dundee

“Okay, so you think there are squirrels in the yard?” “Not think, Lucy. I know there are squirrels in the yard.” “What makes you think so?” “I’ve seen them.” “Seen them. When? Where?” “Near that confounded bird handout thingy.” “Yeah, that makes sense, I guess. They are after the seeds.” “There shouldn’t be any seeds, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Something New in the Yard

“What the heck is that? Hey Lucy. You see this thing in the tree?” “Lucy? You on the chaise?” “Okay, this is not funny. LUCY.” “There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” “I was on the other side, Little One.” “Come over here. I have to show you something.” “Man, you move […]

Thursday – A Little Personal

“What are you doing, little one?” “I’m wondering if we should play ball.” “I don’t know. The grass is pretty wet from the rain.” “Yeah, but we can still play.” “You better check out this grass. I know how you hate to get a wet ball.” “It doesn’t feel that wet to me.” “Well, stand […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Outside

“Lucy. The umbrella isn’t up.” “Yeah, I can see that. I’ll call the boss. “You get a hold of him?” “Yeah, he’s coming. Sounds like he was heavy into his book.” “Well, he is pretty quick whatever he was doing.” “That is a good thing except at bathtime.” “Why are you still laying out in […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy and Sunscreen

“Hey, Lucy. Don’t forget the sunscreen.” “Coming Little One.” “I don’t see a lot of sun out here, Twiggy.” “You have to look for it.” “Look for it? If it isn’t in the sky, where  would it be?” “Not behind the chaise, I can tell you.” “I’m not sure, but I think you might be […]