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Guest Post – Jacquie Biggar – Letting Go The Defiant Sisters book 1 #newbook

  I’m so happy to have Jacquie Biggar as a guest on Fiction Favorites. Jacquie is a Romance author who writes stories and characters in such a way that even an old crusty like me can enjoy them. She is here to talk about her latest book, Letting Go – The Defiant Sisters Book 1. […]

Jagged Feathers – @jansikes3 #NewRelease #RomanticSuspense #WhiteRuneSeries

  I am pleased that Jan Sikes will be visiting today to talk about her new book, Jagged Feathers. Jan is an old friend and fellow member of Story Empire. Please welcome her to Fiction Favorites. Thank you, John, for inviting me to your blog site today to talk about my new book, JAGGED FEATHERS! […]

#Newbook – No Such Luck by Staci Troilo – Romance Novella 99¢

I am very excited to have Staci Troilo visit Fiction Favorites today. She is a Story Empire fellow team member, a very talented editor, and a best-selling author. She is here to talk about her new book. So, without delay here is Staci. Thanks for having me here today, John. Hi, everyone. I appreciate you […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Book Launch Day

Eternal Road – The final stop is Now Available in Paper and Kindle Formats. For the Introduction, the Kindle edition is on sale at 99¢. The Price Will Never be Lower. Universal links Kindle Paper The Blurb James Wainwright picks up a hitchhiker and discovers two things 1. The woman he picks up is his childhood […]

Friday JohnKu – AKA TGIF – Call for Volunteers to Help Launch The Contract

Award-winning author Gwen M. Plano and I are launching our Inspirational Thriller, The Contract between heaven and earth, on June 4th. We would like to do an announcement tour beginning on June 4th through June 17th. If you would like to help, please send an e-mail to johnhowell(dot)wave(at)gmail.com. All the material will be sent, and for those […]

Book Launch – Ritual of the Lost Lamb by Charles Yallowitz #Fantasy

Dark times are waiting for the champions in RITUAL OF THE LOST LAMB! Death is a blessing that the Baron is not ready to bestow upon his new toy. In the chaos surrounding the Spirit Well, Luke Callindor has disappeared and the only clue the psychic scream of agony that Dariana cannot ignore. Knowing that […]

Legends of Windemere: The Spirit Well is Now Available #NewBook

Return to Windemere in THE SPIRIT WELL! Born from the light and darkness, Dariana can no longer avoid her fate. The final corrupted temple stands between the champions and Baron Kernaghan having their great battle. Only one problem: the Compass Key refuses to work with Dariana, who long ago wiped all memories of the Spirit […]

Introducing Charms of the Feykin by Charles E. Yallowitz

Return to Windemere in Charms of the Feykin! To make a champion fall, one must wound their very soul. Nyx is leading the charge to rescue Delvin and Sari, who have gone missing in the southern jungles of Windemere. Battling through the local predators, the champions are surprised when they reunite in the Feykin city of […]

A Big Thank You to Olivia Stocum for Helping Introduce #Newbook Our Justice

A big thank you to Olivia Stocum for posting an announcement of the launch of Our Justice. You can see her post HERE.

Thursday – A Little Personal – The Launch of Tribe of the Snow Tiger

I am using my Thursday – A Little Personal space to announce the Pre-Order Status of another in the Legends of Windemere. The reason I call it personal, I have known Charles from the first book and have participated in each of his launches. So I am so proud to be one of his supporters, […]