Friday JohnKu – AKA TGIF – Call for Volunteers to Help Launch The Contract

The Contract

Award-winning author Gwen M. Plano and I are launching our Inspirational Thriller, The Contract between heaven and earth, on June 4th. We would like to do an announcement tour beginning on June 4th through June 17th. If you would like to help, please send an e-mail to johnhowell(dot)wave(at) All the material will be sent, and for those of you on WordPress or other blogs that accept HTML, all you’ll have to do is copy, paste, and schedule. For others, we will include the text and media in an e-mail.

My JohnKu that talks about help.

Dependence by John W. Howell © 2018

The old saying goes,

No person is an island . . .

We value your help.


To help make up your mind, here is the blurb.

The earth is under the threat of a catastrophic political event which could result in international warfare and destroy all life on the planet. In heaven, a divine council decides that extraordinary measures are essential. They call for an intervention that involves two souls returning to earth. The chosen two sign a contract that they will work to avert the disaster.

Brad Channing, a Navy SEAL, and Sarah O’Brien, a teacher, become heaven’s representatives on earth. The story follows them as they individually and then together face overwhelming obstacles and eventually end up on a strategic Air Force base in California. It is there that they discover a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. The terrorists have a plan for global dominance, and they are determined to complete their mission. Although military leadership appears to have the President’s best interests at heart, it is not clear who can be trusted and who should be feared. The action is rough and tumble as Brad and Sarah try to figure out the culprits of the plot that will turn into a worldwide conflagration unless stopped.

If you enjoy thrillers, this is one with enough twists and adventure to keep you riveted and guessing. If you like your thriller along with a good romance, Brad and Sarah’s initial attraction and eventual love will sustain you as they live out their heavenly and earthly desires.

Thank you in advance and have a great weekend.

John and Gwen


  1. Confirmatory email on route.

    1. Thak you, Keith. 😀

  2. Awesome. I’ll be happy help out. Congrats.

    1. Thanks, Charles. I’ll send you a note. 😀

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    So true, John, no one is an island. Thank you for this and a special thank you to all who offer their help. 🙂

    1. Terrific, Gwen. 😀

  4. Sent you an email, John 😀

    1. Got it, Chris and responded. Thank you , again.

  5. Congratulations and i wish you both success!
    (hey – don’t forget us little folks when you reach the heights!!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, GP. You are taller than me and unforgettable. 😀

  6. karenringalls · ·

    John, I would love to host for your tour announcement on my blog. Right now, I have the following days available in June: the 4th, 10th, 13th, and 14th. I will wait to hear if any of those dates are still available. (I have sent the same comment to Gwen)

    1. We’ll take the tenth, Karen. Thanks you so much. Material to you by the 25th. HTML okay?

      1. karenringalls · ·

        The 10th of June is perfect. Thank you for the opportunity.

      2. Thank you, Karen.

  7. Congratulations to you and Gwen! Sign me up to help promote your latest book. Any Friday in June is good.

    1. Thank you, Jill. We’ll take the 8th if okay with you. Material out by the 25th. Happy Friday.

      1. Sounds great, John!

      2. I just sent you a note about the HTML file.

      3. Thanks, John. I’ll check it out.

  8. Wow. This looks like an excellent page-turning thriller. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Great cover!

    1. Thank you, Pamela.:-D

  9. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    John W. Howell is looking for volunteers to help him and Gwen M. Plano launch their new book, “The Contract”.

    1. Thak you so much for the help, Suzanne. 😀

  10. I love the concept, John. But given the current state of things, I’m not sure who the bad guys would be in this story… Just kidding!
    I’m glad to help you out. I’ll send an email
    Perfect Johnku for this post. Hugs.

    1. Ha ha ha. Thank you, Teagan. 😀 Happy Friday to you.

  11. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    John needs volunteers – let him know you are interested by emailing him and/or in the comments under his original blog post 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Chris.

      1. Welcome, John 👍😃

  12. Interesting concept. Best of luck gathering your volunteers … I wouldn’t be good at it.

    1. Thanks, Frank. 😀

  13. No problem helping. Send the info and the date you need and I’ll do my best to have posted on my blog site. Good luck

    1. Hey, Chuck. Or Billy Ray (at least you look like Billy Ray) or whoever. I need an e-mail from you. Your website is not set up yet. 😀

  14. I’m up for anything you like. I’ll host something you prepare, or something custom. Thursdays in June are pretty much booked for Lisa’s stuff, but any other day is yours.

    1. Thank you, Craig. I sent you an e-mail.

    1. So nice. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for spreading the message, Michael. 😀

  15. Clicking over to send an email. Of course, I would love to help!

    1. Thank you so much, Jan. Got the e-mail and we are set. 😀

  16. Aw, why do I have to be inundated with work when such an intriguing notion drifts my way? Best of luck to both of you for much success; maybe next time I’ll be able to help with the promo.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. 😀

  17. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Very true Johnku! I will help. Sending email:) Have a great weekend!

    1. Got it Denise. Thanks, so much.

  18. Congrats on the upcoming release! E-mail on the way 🙂

    1. Got it Jacquie. Thank you so much.

  19. Congrats on the forthcoming release John. I am trying to stick with dark humour for my blog, so will have to resist this thriller, tempting though it may be. I will get a copy when ‘The Contract’ is released. Have a good weekend.

    1. Absolvo Te. Have a great weekend.

  20. Hi John! I’m in for the Blog Tour. I’ll send an email. Great Johnku! I love the blurb! It reads fascinating! I look forward to reading this one.😀

  21. Happy to help, count me in -looks intriguing and exciting! 🙂

  22. I’m in 😊

    1. Thak you, Laurie.

  23. I’d love to help promote your new book!

    1. Thanks, Phil. ;-D

  24. Wonderful, John! Email sent 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tina.

      1. Welcome, John

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    John and Gwen are looking for help with this exciting launch of their co-authored book. Check out the details from this post on John Howell’s Fiction Favorites blog.

    1. Thank you so much, Don 😀

  26. I can do the 12th or the 19th, John. I’ll try to remember to send you an email.

    1. Sending you an e-mail.

  27. Email is on the way, Of course, I am happy, thrilled, delighted, jazzed to help with the launch!

    1. Thank you, Mae.

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