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Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Go Out

“John.” “What Stella?” “Do you see these two wolfhounds poised to devour my food?” “Your bowl is on my books. Maybe they are thinking of reading.” “Not even funny in your author world, John. How about getting these two outside.” “Hey Pops. Check out Lucy.” “What’s she doing?” “Still trying to get the lizard.” “Lucy, […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Daylight Savings Time

“Hey, Boss.” “Well, hello Lucy. You look like you have a problem.” “Well, I certainly do. What time is it anyway?” “It is ten minutes after four.” “You aren’t serious? It has to be after five. My stomach is telling me it’s after five.” “OMG. Best tell her about Daylight Savings Time, John.” “Thanks, Stella. I […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy Learns About Life

“Hey, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. How are things? “I’m a little worried about Stella.” “Tell me.” “Well, I was going to chase her yesterday, and she wouldn’t take off.” “Ah. Yes, Stella has arthritis, and it is progressing.” “Arthur Ritis? Let me at the guy.” “It is not a guy, Lucy it is a condition that […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy’s Agenda

“Hey, Bailey. You hear anything?” “Like what?” “Listen upstairs. Something’s clomping around.” “I don’t hear anything? Hey, Pops you hear anything upstairs?” “I can’t hear anything from here. I’ll go check.” “Thanks, pops.” “Excuse me, Stella.” “Hold on, John. I’m just finishing breakfast.” “Okay. What can I do for you?” “Lucy said there was something […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Slow Day

“Hey, John.” “Yes, Stella.” “Where you been?” “I was out taking photos.” “With that iPhone?” “Yes with the iPhone.” “Pretty low-tech I would say.” “Want to see one?” “Well, it is a while before lunch so what the heck. Sure.” “What is that?” “Someone put a flag on the beach with a stick as a […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Stella Tells it Like it Is

“Hey, John. What are you doing?” “I’m proofing my latest book.” “Let me see.” “Here it is.” “Circumstances of Childhood?” “Yup that’s the name.” “Let me be honest. Doesn’t sound like something I want to read.” “I never would have thought differently, Stella. I wrote it for humans.” “Probably low brow then. Show it to the […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Morning with Stella

  “Okay, John. I know you are getting your coffee but I wonder if we could chat.” “Of course, Stella. What would you like to chat about? “Well, it’s a little personal.” “Go ahead. I can keep a secret.” “It’s about those two canines.” “What a shock Stella. What about them?” “Haven’t you noticed how […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Watchdogs

“Hey boss, we have a code red here.” “Code red? Lucy. What’s a code red? “Tell the boss what code red means, Bailey.” “Intruders, pop. Code red means intruders.” “They’re here. We have barbarians at the gate.” “C’mon, Lucy. There is an easy explanation.” “Easy for you boss. You don’t have to put your mouth […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Vacation

“Hi, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. What is going on?” “Last week Bailey, Stella, and I had time off.” “I know. You guys do anything interesting?” “Well, we took a morning dip in the pool. Of course, a dove interrupted us. Pesky thing anyway.” “Too fast for you huh?” “Then we went for a walk and ran […]

A Little Personal – Lucy, Bailey and Stella – Summer Heat

“Hi, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. What is going on?” “Well at breakfast this morning, Stella was calling Bailey, and I chicken.” “Oh dear. Do you know why? “She said we were afraid to go outside.” “And it looks like she might be right.” “Aw, boss don’t take sides.” “Okay, I will talk to her.” “Stella, did you […]