My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recogntion – Julian Froment


Julian Froment has a very active life. His blog which he titles appropriately Julian Froment’s Blog has an interesting mix of  prose, poetry, and importantly book reviews. Julian’s overall direction of his blog is summarized by his sub headline; Life, Literature and Lewd Comments. The picture of a lion is on this post since if Julian were an animal (come on Ionia no giggles) I think he would be a lion

Julian is also a collector of books and describes his collection as follows: “I also enjoy collecting books and have a (very) small collection of first editions, mostly Enid Blyton’s children’s adventure stories.”

Those of you who regularly stop in to visit Julian know he is a man of beautiful words and a keen sense of good writing. His prose and book reviews always hit the mark. What you may not know is Julian is also a world traveler and lately is commuting between the UK and the US. The reason for this is he has the love of his life living here and cannot seem to convince the US government that he is worth having as a long-term resident. So he must limit his visits to the time proscribed by the government. He is 43 years old, and a senior manager at an environmental analysis and ecotoxicology services company, CHEMEX Environmental International Ltd.. His job is mainly concerned with the environmental chemistry side of the company. So WTF gov. We don’t have an unskilled laborer here, he will be able to support himself.

This situation has created a global Romeo and Juliet story with the government acting as the patriarch.  The rest of us can only stand and watch. I do want to thank him for supporting My GRL launch blog tour. Also Julian has a birthday on January 27th. Go visit and wish him a happy day.

Thank you Julian for helping with the My GRL launch


  1. What a great way to sum up what Julian and Ionia are going through: “This situation has created a global Romeo and Juliet story with the government acting as the patriarch.”

    1. Thanks. Hope it all gets fixed.

  2. Leave it to the government to be the antagonist! It aggravates me to hear of the power they have over personal relationships (I know another couple going through the same thing). Theirs is a romantic story of Romeo and Juliet proportions, but this one will have a happy ending 🙂

  3. Antagonist indeed. He is definitely not unskilled…oh that’s where the lewd comes in.

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