My GRL BLOG Tour Recognition – Marie Ann Bailey


Marie Ann Bailey is a My GRL blog tour volunteer today. She is a wonderful person who dedicates herself to her job, her husband, her cats, her knitting and most certainly to her writing. Marie is the author of 1WriteWay a delicious combination of original work, collaboration, interesting reblogs and other supporting posts in favor of supporting other authors. Marie was also an editor for the Community Story Board in 2013 and was responsible for creating the post that was honored with the Freshly Pressed designation by WordPress.

I have also had the pleasure to work with Marie on the collaborative posts that are simu-published on each of our blogs on Monday. The idea came out of the fact there were numerous blogs on the subject of top ten. There were top ten cute animal photos and top ten ways to ask for a raise among a few. We could not find a top ten things not to do. Long story short we decided to create a feature of the Top Ten Things Not to Do. Next week we will be posting our 30th.

Marie’s motto is,” I am therefore I write.” She is hoping to get a novel going and has posted the Writer’s Creed for all to see to give her inspiration. Perhaps it will inspire you as well. Thank you  so much for the help Marie.



  1. This was an easy like, I admire you and Marie! GREAT post.

    1. Thank you so much. The feeling is mutual.

      1. The pleasure is mine. Have a beautiful and inspired day!

  2. Thanks for this about Marie, a WP institution :).

    1. And a friend of mine. Thanks

  3. Marie is aces. 💖

  4. What a wonderful post about moi! Thank you so much, John. It’s a pleasure to work with you and to call you friend 🙂

    1. All the truth about you. Thanks for the words about me

  5. To build off Kevin’s quote: Marie is aces, in spades. (So I stuck with the cards theme…)

    1. She is a diamond with a velvet club

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