Wednesday Story for Hump Day


No that is not me in the blue hat.

Wednesday comes so fast. We are in the middle of the week and time for a story. Also our little community here at the beach is right inside the first week of Spring Break. The stories I could tell which are not Fiction Favorites. This time of year we absolutely hibernate in order to avoid the chaos. We go to the store only when we absolutely need to go since we buy about two weeks’ worth of stuff so we won’t have to go downtown. Unless the lime juice runs out there is no need to go there.  Going downtown normally takes about four minutes. During spring Break you may be lucky to make it in an hour. Sometimes the mayhem gets so out of hand you have no choice but to turn around and go back home. Those of us in the know, simply don’t go out. Enough of my lesson on living in a place where every drunken young adult wants to congregate and drink more. Yeah you are right. We knew this would happen. It’s like hurricanes, we know they could arrive, but it doesn’t stop us from living here.

Here is the story, it is called Spring Break by John W. Howell © 2014

“So where do you want to go to dinner tonight?”

“Eh I don’t care. You choose.”

“Okay. There is a good pizza place downtown.”

“Mmmm naw. Pizza is loaded with fat and calories.”

“How about a nice burger. The Ground Cow has some really good burgers.”

“Well. . . I gave up beef a couple of years ago. I just don’t want to violate my body with cow flesh.”

“There is a real nice seafood place and we can walk there.”

“Eu seafood. You mean the stuff that comes out of the Gulf?”

“Ah well yeah and it’s really fresh.”

“I hate to be picky, but I just don’t know where the seafood has been and I’m gonna pass.”

“Okay how about a salad then?”

“I’m not sure. You think the greens are okay? I mean I hear a lot about salmonella and stuff.”

“I guess I give up. What can you have for dinner?”

“I think we can stay right here on the beach. These blue corn chips are great and the green tea is cold. There is Grey Goose in the cooler. What else do we need? Besides I can’t stand up.  Oh by the way. Got a light?”


  1. I think I know that person. Always strange hearing someone go on about eating healthy while they smoke and eat junk food. Ah well, to each their own and I’ll make a show of eating a delicious burger. Isn’t there something called Breatharinism or something like that? These are people who believe they can live solely on sunlight, air, and any food particles that come with the air.

    Sorry about the Spring Breakers. Had a bad feeling that was happening once I saw the picture. Stay strong.


    1. Thanks for stay strong wish.

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  2. Fun story. I liked the ending, especially the Grey Goose 🙂 Sorry about spring break … at least it will end eventually.


    1. Yes so true. This year we have had fog and cloudy skies so it has been a little less wild. Thanks for the visit.


  3. Ha ha … this was wonderful, John. Although I can’t imagine anyone turning their nose up at pizza 😉


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