Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Memory

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This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is Memory. If you would like to join in go here to learn more:

The following is my interpretation of memory. It is titled The Doctor. Hope you enjoy.


The Doctor by John W. Howell © 2014

“So what did the doctor say?”

“What doctor?”

“The one you just got home from seeing.”

“Oh, that one. She said I need to have some more tests. She thinks I may have…”

“Have what?”

“Hold on don’t rush me. She said my memory might need to be sharpened.”

“Sharpened? How?”

“I’m not sure. I went into the office and sat down and then they asked about a dog.”

“A dog? What does that have to do with memory?”

“That’s what I was thinking until I realized I was in the vet’s office.”

“The vet’s office?”

“I thought you went to see your primary care physician.”

“I thought so too but I forgot where the office was so I went in there.”

“Did they think your were crazy?”

“Not really. They told me my nose felt cold and thought I was in pretty good health except for the memory thing. They were so nice I made a follow-up appointment. I helped myself to a couple of biscuits although they were pretty sandy. They did say I should bring my dog next time.”

“We don’t have a dog.”

“Yeah, I didn’t tell them that.”


  1. Hahaha! Loved it. I see me doing this in just a few short years and the RS doing it sooner 😐


    1. You won’t if you keep writing


  2. Where do you get your inspiration from… Splendid! 😀 Read this out to my friend – we both doubled over!


    1. As the Stream dictates, I sit down and the stuff flows out. I have to admit the first line is the key. After that the characters take over. Thanks for the lovely comment.


  3. Oh no. How funny. My dentist and vet are across from each other. I’m not sure the vet gives out biscuits. The dentist sure doesn’t give anything for free. ^^’


    1. Just make sure the vet doesn’t work on your teeth. He’ll put you under. (make sure your shots are up to date when you go to the dentist)


  4. Lol Sad ro say,I can relate.


    1. Thanks so can I.

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  5. Always good to start the day with a laugh. Thanks, John!


  6. I love this, John! Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh. 🙂


  7. At first I was thinking this was about a shocking diagnosis, then someone with memory issues. But at least it ended on a lighter note. It probably would be more fun to see the Vet instead of the MD 🙂


  8. Haha! This is great, John. Love the twist. 😀


  9. This is fantastic. You’ve outdone yourself, again. And sad to say . . I relate.

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    1. Thought of this sitting in a doctors office. The other thought was ‘what did the doctor say?” “I think I better get some new clothes.” “New clothes, what the hell for?” Well, the doc said I was impotent and I think I ought to dress impotent.”


      1. That’s hilarious.


  10. You’re incredibly witty, John. Great job and love how the words flow naturally for you! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jack. Wasn’t always that way and I appreciate the encouragement.


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