Seventh Day of It’s Reining Men with Traci Sanders – (me included)

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Today is the seventh day of the Traci Sanders It’s Reining Men Tour. This will be my last day  but there are three more male authors she will be hosting for the remainder of the month. Today I posted a short story which I call Last night. This story is the opening of the first chapter of my latest WIP. You might want to check it out and then come back for the rest of Traci’s tour all month.

Thank you. Tracy for having me. It was a real pleasure and wishing you the best for the remainder of the month.

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When DarknessBreaks


  1. Applesauce! John, that opening chapter packs at least a double hook. Awesome! Hugs. 🙂

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    1. I love the term Applesauce. Thanks


  2. Great job with the story. Love the rhythm you’ve chosen to present the intro. Great way to show everything as well. Love the term “pull his drink.” There’s so much more, but then I’ll be here for a while. Awesome job!

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