Thursday – A Little Personal

Thursday is the time to do a post that has some meaning to me and will hopefully not bore you to death. Today I’m posting a status of my self-installed screening on my screen porch to appeal to my DIY muse Dan Antion. Dan is always interested in this kind of stuff, and I also am interested when he shows us some of his skill. (you should go to his blog No Facilities by clicking on his name) So without any delay let’s go to a before photo.



You can see the screening is installed on the outside of the porch railing and is in need of repair. Since I’m an older person, it is now difficult to go on a ladder knowing the twenty some odd foot fall will be my last. Also, these screens are made of aluminum, and the salt air dissolves them and they let go where the screw attaches them to the wood.

Here is the after.

2015-06-30 14.55.56



What has happened is all the screens were removed and then a new vinyl system installed. The screening was moved to the inside so that whenever they need repair this old person can do it without risking a broken hip (or worse).

This final shot gives you an idea what the system looks like from the inside. The screen, the base, and the cap (that white strip) are all made of vinyl and should last a number of years (or until the hurricane) whichever comes first. The shot is a little dark because the screening material is solar blocking. Hoped you weren’t too bored but I am very pleased with the results

2015-06-30 14.57.06



  1. Not boring at all. Very informative. It looks lovely where you live. What is the screening actually for though. Yes, I know the clue is in the word … 😁 but is it for security or shade or what ? All the very best. Kris

    1. The screen is for shade and to avoid mosquitoes. After a rain the mosquitoes are fierce. They only hang around for a week or so but are annoying during that time. The porch faces West so the afternoon sun is quite hot. The solar screen help keep the temperature in check. Thanks for the visut abd questions Chris

  2. Great view. Hopefully a Hurricane doesn’t swing by for a while.

    1. We are always ready. As a reverse good luck we keep planning changes for after the hurricane. They are good changes so probably never happen.

      1. That should show the universe who’s in charge. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks good, John!

  4. What a gorgeous view. Thank you, John, for your note. I’m really enjoying your blog, too.

    1. I’m glad. The purpose is pure relaxation.

  5. Great look! Both the house and your view. I think I need to move in. I could just live in a corner of that covered room.

    1. If you cook dinner there would be no rent. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the mention John. It looks like you did a great job. I like that you moved them inside and switched to vinyl. I had a screen porch with lots of custom aluminum screens. Although we don’t have the salt air to destroy them, they were getting had to manage, as I had to add plexiglass behind them in the winter. I like to make things easier as I get older. the longer you can maintain the place, the longer you can stay and enjoy the beautiful view.

    1. Thanks. I would recommend Screen Tite (the system) if you ever need to replace yours.

  7. Wow, what a view.

    1. Thanks. That is a containment pond but does look good.

      1. Still looks good, whatever it’s for.

  8. Nice view. I’d imagine you spend a lot of time on that porch.

    1. Yes. We do enjoy it.

  9. It really looks great, John. Good decision to just go ahead and move the whole system inside for accessibility — surely worth the extra cost and work.
    Your neighborhood is lovely, by the way.

    I always find it interesting to hear about details like that, in different climates or parts of the country/world. Wishing you a thriving Thursday.

    1. You as well Teagan. Thanks

  10. Really nice. And what a lovely community.

    1. Thank you Luanne. πŸ™‚

  11. What a great looking community … and cheers to the improvement.

  12. Looks amazing John and great space all year around.. If we were staying here would do similar so that we could take more advantage of our outside balcony in winter.. Great job.

    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  13. I wasn’t bored. At all! In fact, this is something I kind of hope my mom can add to her second home. ‘Twould be an excellent place for a snooze. Oops, I meant, to write!! And you’re wise to fear those falls — I’ve heard of far too many folks relegated to nursing homes because their pride and arrogance insisted they tackle DIY jobs like this!

    1. We actually have a day bed at the other end off the porch for “thinking” Happy Fourth Debbie.

  14. Looks fantastic. I’m sure it’s nice to have a view without slapping the mosquitoes on your neck.

    1. So true. Happy fourth Phillip

  15. Not boring at all. Amazing. It looks great. We used vinyl siding on my grandmother’s old Victorian styled house (after year of all five of us walking around with a paintbrush in hand. Some green stuff got a hold to it and it pressured washed off easily.

    1. The green on the north side always needs attention. Happy fourth Susan.

  16. Wonderful neighborhood:. a fantastic view and an amazing place for tea, a good book or write a novel. The screening looks fabulous. Might I ask a dumb question about the space between the posts in the railing. Is that screened as well? πŸ™‚

  17. Great result, John. Love the look and feel!

  18. Looks like a nice place to write too!

    1. Fall and spring is great. Summer is way too hot. Thanks

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