Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of Gulf

2015-08-15 08.32.00


Now we are talking. This week’s shot finally captured the elusive RV camping site. This one is fairly typical. You have your three pick-up trucks, a tent for the young-uns, and the palatial RV for the oldsters. The generator (that you can’t hear) sound is picked up by the Gulf breezes and carries right into one’s ear way back off the beach.  The water is calm and you can also see the yellow and white flowers. The two on foot are neighbors going down to the beach to secure a spot before the next RV pulls in. It is a beautiful day.

Last week’s photo.

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  1. For some reason John, your mention of the generator just got my mind tripping over thoughts of how weird it is that we carry our conveniences right to the water’s edge. Big difference from last week.

    1. Yes. we have petitioned the city to try and control RVs. Notice this one is “broadside” to the water and he has the best view for a $12 annual ticket. I think my taxes are about that for an hour.

      1. The really mind-boggling thing is that RVs don’t really need electricity to add creature comforts to a camping experience. Cooking, reading, doing those bodily things are all possible without a generator running. The only things they need electricity for are the things they went camping to get away from.

      2. Yes, I totally agree. I think it’s the AC and TV that keeps the generator running.

  2. I’m on my way, John. And I promise I won’t bring a generator or even an RV – just a beach chair and umbrella (and my sunscreen)

    1. Do not forget the sunscreen. This is Yankee fryville.

  3. What a lovely day you’re having, John! Despite the generator and people noise, despite the campers infringing on your view of the water!

    1. Yes it’s true. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Good golly Miss Molly! Not just an invasion, but generator noise too? I’m really sorry.
    Some of these brick townhouses have iron balconies. For 2 months they’ve been working on redoing them… They use a generator and something (i can’t see) that sounds one fine hair away from being a jack hammer. So believe me, I understand the effect it’s having on your Sunday… 😦
    Wishing you a happy — and quiet new week. Mega hugs. 🙂

    1. They will be leaving this evening so all will return to normal. Hope they finish soonthere too.

  5. So different from week to week. Was it a long weekend there that the RV came to stay? I’ve mentioned to my wife I’ve wanted an RV for a while, so we’ll see what becomes of the idea. I wouldn’t mind travelling the country in one as a way to check out the scenery. I bet if I park it on some beach I’ll meet a guy taking photos of it without me knowing. 🙂

  6. Before you mentioned it, my initial thought was noting how often campers like to park in front of your place.

    1. It must be the fact that our stretch of beach is a little removed from town. Less density more room for them to stretch out and relax. (Of course they deserve to relax)

      1. At least you accept their presence.

      2. I have no choice they are protected by the Republic of Texas citizens right of land use statutes.(also I can’t get a tourist bear trap license)

      3. Now that license is quite the idea!

      4. In my mind it is.

  7. There’s something about generators and “getting away from it all” that doesn’t seem to mesh in my book, but maybe that’s just me! Sorry about your blocked view.

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