Stream Of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – “ay”

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It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. This week we have a new badge which was established by pitting several bloggers against each other in mortal combat. It was agreed in advance the last one standing would establish the badge for the rest. Since all manners of contests cause me to break out in a rash I did not participate. I do think all the competitors did an excellent job. Special congratulations to Hope Floats for the winning design.

This week’s prompt is “ay.” We are to use a word that ends in ay. If you would like to participate go to Linda Hill’s blog and read about the rules. Here is the link.  My interpretation follows.

Say What? By John W. Howell © 2015

“So tell me again what the guy said to you.”

“He said, ‘Aye matey, you’ll make a fine seaman.’”

“Give me a little more context here. Why would he say that?”

“Well, I asked if he was looking for employees.”

“Employees? On a ship?”

“He was standing on the corner. He had a parrot on his shoulder, and one leg was wooden. He was holding a sign that read Crew members needed. Good, pay.”

“And you decided to talk to him?”

“Aye. I mean yes. I asked him what would be the duties of a crew member.”

“This is getting worse. What did he say?”

“He mentioned manning the sails, swabbing the deck, and boarding other ships.”

“Boarding other ships? The person was a pirate?”

“Nay me hardy. The person was a sea, captain.”

“Nay? Are you nuts? You have a job and a good home.”

“That’s today. What about the future?”

“What possible future could there be in the pirate business?”

“He offered me an eighth split.”

“Split of what.”

“The bounty. You know gold, silver, and jewels.”

“Have you been watching Pirates of the Caribbean again?”

“You gave it to me for my birthday.”

“Yes, I know. I didn’t think it would be a gateway to your delusions.”

“I don’t have a delusion. In fact I gotta go I’m due at the gangway in a half hour.”

“I think I need a jug of Chardonnay.”




  1. Well done John I have to say, I wish I’d thought of chardonnay, great ‘ay’ word.

    1. One of my favorite words as in, “I’ll have some more chardonnay please.”

      1. You say it in such a well practiced way.

      2. Many years of repetitive practice.

      3. All that practice pays off doesn’t it…

      4. Yes. (after you deduct the price of the liver transplant)

      5. Well a small price to pay for a lifetime of enjoyment.

      6. Very small on the black market. “Excuse me sir but are you through with that liver?” (a riff from the spirit of Monty Python’s meaning of life.)

  2. I still say there’s a way to do piracy today.
    Just make your way to Somal-eye-ay.

    1. Yes. Those folks have the market cornered.

  3. LOL. Loved it John. One of your best SoCS posts ever.
    One begins to think that having a delusion is the best way to hang on to sanity! 😀

    1. Yes. I have crossed over as you can see. Have a lovely day.

  4. Great job, John! You deserve a jug of chardonnay. 🙂

    1. I’ll take it. Thanks, Jill.

  5. Very nice treatment of the prompt John. This was fun to read 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it.Thanks

      1. You make these conversations seem effortless.

      2. My task (which I impose on myself) is to make a complete story without the use of dialog tags (he said, she said) and any prose explanation. Thanks for the compliment since I’m still learning.

      3. I am trying to learn but way behind. I just really enjoy reading these.

  6. Excellent. But why is the rum gone?

    1. Arggg. Ya think thar’s larceny afoot?

      1. Not sure what a foot has to do with rum. As far as larceny goes, I’d blame the parrot. A creature that only asks for crackers? I don’t trust it.

      2. Polly wants a rum punch.

      3. All I have (had) is vodka. 🙂

  7. Oi – Vay! 😉 Well done, Long John 😀

  8. Dammit. I was gonna say Arrrrrrr! But someone beat me to it. Wait, I did it anyway! 🙂

    1. That’s okay. Arrrrg is good anytime

  9. You arrrgggghhhh quicker than a pirate’s hand, I love this.

    PS- I wish I could use avast in daily conversations, I just do…

    1. You can. its just they will haul you away

      1. It’s a pirate’s life, this I know….

      2. Aye matey. I know it to be a fact I do now.

  10. Yo ho yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for John!

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