Ten Things Not to do on Labor Day

labor day.


In honor of Labor Day and since I’m currently out-of-town I’ve decided to boil the top ten list down t the most important items. Let’s all remember those who make our lives easier and more pleasant. The remembrance includes we authors.

Top Ten Things Not to do on Labor Day

10 through 1

On Labor Day have fun but do not drink and drive. If you do, at best you are a fool. At worst, you could hurt or kill an innocent person not to mention your guilty self.

Happy Labor Day all.


  1. Perfect John I hope some one read it before disaster struck which seems to happen on these occasions…

    1. Thanks, Michael. Hope so as well

  2. Definitely the most important item on a list, John.
    But your intro was unexpected, “The remembrance includes we authors.” Thank you, John for these daily doses of cheer. Keep enjoying your getaway. Hugs.

  3. Enjoy your time away. Excellent advice that I wish everyone listened to.

    1. Yeah me too. Thanks

  4. Why spoil a holiday by getting in a car after ‘mellowing out’ all day – sheer folly! Get where you need to be first folks, and THEN get stuck into whatever you fancy to fuel your creative juices and life experience without doing yourself or anyone else too much harm 😉

  5. Very good advice John.

  6. That’s the most important tip, John! Enjoy the rest of your holiday 🙂

  7. I hope everyone takes your advice, John. I hope your holiday was fabulous.

    1. It was . Thanks. Hope yours was good as well.

  8. Beautifully succinct advice, John. We’d all do well to remember it.

    1. So true. Can’t be worth the pain.

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