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Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Gym

  This week in history had some pretty serious things going on, and not one was something I could mock without appearing disrespectful. (I guess Babe Ruth’s 60th home run in 1927 could be an exception, but I have already done a ballpark top ten) So, I have begun going to the gym again (after […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Hot Air Balloon Launch in 1783

  This week marks the anniversary of the first hot air balloon launch in Versailles, France in 1783. Since this was the beginning of man’s desire to fly, you must go. Please take this list with you to avoid an incident with the French (challenging to do) or to create a time continuum disruption that […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at The Introduction of the First IBM Personal Computer in 1981

  Today marks the anniversary of the introduction of the first personal computer by IBM in 1981. If you want to return to that time, take this list with you. It may save a mistake or even a tear in the time continuum. Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Introduction of the First […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on the First Income Tax Day in 1861

  Since today is the anniversary of the establishment of the first income tax in 1861, I thought it would be fun to travel back there and take in the atmosphere of what had to have been an eventful time. The income tax was established to pay for the Civil War. Of course, there are […]

Top Ten Things Not to at the Sale of the First Mass Produced Ford in 1905

  This week marked the anniversary of the sale of the first massed produced Ford automobile. It was labeled the Model A Fordmobile (Not to be confused with the model A introduced in 1928) and cost $850.00. (Which is worth $23,404 in 2018 dollars) If you were there, several precautions would be needed in order […]

Top Ten Things not to do Storming the Bastille in 1789

    Since yesterday was the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in 1789 I thought it would be a good idea to lay out some things not to do should you have the ability to go there and join in the fun. As you know, the Bastille was a prison that the government […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Hancock in 1776

  This week marks the 243rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 by John Hancock. It would be fun to be there but of course, there are things we should not do if we go. Take this list with you as it may save you trouble in the long run. Top […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Mansfield Dam in an Apocalypse

  Yesterday I did a feature on the Mansfield Dam which is in my neighborhood. There were several comments about how the Dam looked like a scene for an apocalypse movie. Since season three of Fear of the Walking Dead was filmed at the Gonzelez Dam in Baja Mexico, I thought it would be fun […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Deployment of Mobile Phones in 1947

  Southwestern Bell inaugurates the first mobile phone service in St. Louis on this day in 1947. If you were there, it is hoped you took some precautions in order not to create a scene or more importantly a tear in the time continuum. For fun, let’s pretend we were there and use this list to stay […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at Janis Joplin’s First Live Concert in 1966

  Since today is the 53rd anniversary of Janis Joplin’s first live concert held in the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to go there. Of course, we need a list of things not to do to make sure we don’t make a mistake that could cause trouble later.  Time travel […]