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It is Friday again and another tense week of proofing the next book. It seems that when you find one mistake there may be three others hiding somewhere in the words, the art, or even in a page number. It amazes me that any book can be written and published error free. I found the word “straffed” sitting in a sentence and keeping a low profile. The profile was so low the spell checker never found it. My eye hit on it, and I did a highlight with the Encarta dictionary. Sure enough one “f” too many. I can see the review now. “If only he knew how to spell strafed.” How the hell it got misspelled in the first place is anyone’s guess. I will now rest easy since I caught it. I have to wonder how many are still in there, though. If you want to really lose your mind put the word kidnaped in your prose. Microsoft hates it. Wants it to be kidnapped, Encarta for North America says kidnaped. So what does one do? Shoot yourself that’s what. Today’s John Ku talks when it is time to relax.

Relax by John W. Howell © 2015

Tense, tight, shoulders hurt,

Worried the work’s not perfect. . .

Need to release now.


  1. My favorite is when Word is determined to turn a character name into a regular word. Does it with Delvin and Fizzle all the time. This is why I don’t trust spelling and grammar checkers. They can be wrong and they miss stuff all the time.

    1. I agree. Makes for sweaty palms at times.

      1. And the occasional ‘why do you hate me, spellchecker!?’ That might just be me.

      2. Spellchecker hates everyone. So it is you and me.

      3. Thankfully it isn’t as bad as autocorrect. Imagine that on Word when you’re writing fantasy. Yikes.

  2. A perfect JohnKu. I so feel your pain, John. Making it worse… I went in to make corrections that my proofreader and I found… And blast it all if my computer’s cursed cursor didn’t play dirty tricks, turning my corrections into further mistakes — mistakes that I didn’t know about, because I thought I was fixing things.
    Then there was the time at work when I let spell-check do too much of the work. Some of my much higher-paid “more technical” coworkers thought the name for testing multiple things was “testes”… and Spell-check and I let it get published that way. LOL.
    Great big hug!

    1. I love that one Teagan!!! I think those who read it will get a chuckle. Happy Friday.

  3. I feel a different pain than you or Teagan – I can’t spell worth anything. I am at the mercy of electronic and paper dictionaries and when they disagree, I just have to hope my version isn’t the one that offends a lot of people. Great johnku!

    1. Thanks, Dan. So you know how the kidnapped/ kidnaped conundrum felt.

  4. That’s something I stress over, too. I’m convinced typing elves commandeer my keyboard when I’m not looking, changing spellings willy-nilly and making me look like an idiot. If the nuns taught me anything, it was to spell!! Good luck, John, and know others empathize!

  5. Having just gone through a week of proofreading, I can relate. It’s rough stuph.

    By the way, I vote for kidnapped. It just makes sense. (And Webster’s says it’s OK.)

  6. I firmly believe there’s no such thing as a perfect manuscript – certainly grammar/spell checkers aren’t infallible. The big publishing houses, even for their top sellers, are often riddled with small typos that sneak in so, for tight indie pursestrings, I think you should bear in mind most readers don’t stress with the odd blip provided it doesn’t jar the flow or plot too much.
    That or console yourself with EInstein’s famous motto – The man who never made a mistake, never made anything 😉

    1. Love this, and what a comfort. Thanks.

  7. A manuscript is never going to be perfect John, well at least I’m yet to see one that is. Even the books published by the major publishers have errors in them, especially these days it seems. I suppose they’ve been cutting costs by having less rounds of proof reading. Same with the newspapers. At least you got that mistake. You’ll be able to enjoy the margarita this evening. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Guy. Have a good weekend as well.

  8. That’s odd about kidnaped.. I can’t recall ever seeing it spelled that way, but then again, maybe my brain filled in what I thought was a missing ‘p’. Learn something new every day!

    Have a great weekend John!

    1. Thanks. Have a great weekend

  9. I have enough trouble hitting the “publish” button on my blog. Good luck and enjoy that margarita!

    1. Thank you. have a great weekend.

  10. Pesky spellcheckers need to up their training. Hope you put your feet up for a couple days to clear your mind. Have a good weekend. A body deserves a break as does your brain. 😀 ❤

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