Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf

2015-10-31 09.27.44

As you can see the day is overcast with the surf action pretty much the way it has been for the last week. We did have a lovely week, and the rain seems to like visiting on the weekends The rain is moving away and won’t be back until mid-week. The wind continues to push the water closer to the dunes but has subsided as of this morning.

This post is the first of a few today since I am announcing the release of my new book His Revenge. Thanks in advance for your support.

Last week’s photo

2015-10-24 09.06.06


  1. Overcast days are weird. Half the time they’re depressing and the other half they’re relaxing. Probably depends on one’s mood and the season.

    1. Or when the clock says 5:00 PM

      1. I think every clock in this house has a different time thanks to the the change. So many require that you reset the minute part when turning back or leaping forward, so everything gets put off kilter.

      2. So true. my car clock is right. I never reset it in the spring.

      3. I check the time too much while driving to do that. Nowhere to put my phone for easy viewing either.

  2. Heartafire · ·

    Beautiful photo and great text!

  3. If you had more dramatic changes from week to week, I’m guessing it would be a bad day on the Gulf.

    1. So true. We like gradual here.

  4. We’ve got the rain today, tonight, tomorrow…and so on. Beautiful shot, John!

  5. Gee, these two are like twins (although I’m sure somebody who lives with this view daily can see and appreciate subtle changes somebody like me can’t!!)

    1. Me either. Been a week of churned up Gulf.

  6. There’s not a lot of difference from last week to this week. Great photos.

    1. Nope. same kind of weather. We did get a mid-week break but same kind of weekend.

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