Thank You, Pamela Beckford Again, for His Revenge Support

Pamela Beckford

Pamela also volunteered to help with the launch of His Revenge by posting the news on her other blog Year Around Thanksgiving. Have a visit.  What makes this post so special is Pamela was in a severe car accident yesterday and still finds the time to help other authors. Yes, she is okay with a number of bruises. Thank you again, Pamela and I’m so glad you are okay.

You know from yesterday Pamela is the author of four great books of poetry found here on Amazon.

love lostLove aflameDreams of loveVoices of nature


  1. It restores your faith in humanity when you hear how some people go out of their way to help others without reward.

    1. It does Eric. Thanks

  2. Glad to hear Pamela is okay. Hugs to you both!

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