Thank you Phillip McCollom for the help with the His Revenge Launch



Phillip McCollom helped with the launch of His Revenge. You can go to his site and view the post HERE.

As a way of a thank you I would like to give you a little information about Phillip.

Haunted by the specter of Homer, Phillip found that his only means of appeasement was to write stories. First horrible, terrible stories; then soon not-so-horrible, not-so-terrible stories. Homer shows up less and less these days, and Phillip’s hoping that by the time he writes good stories, Homer will have chosen to move on to the next cartoon-spiritual plane.

Phillip also does killer reviews of books that maybe you wanted to read but knew you would not live long enough to get around to them. Here is just a sample of the list.







Phillip’s blog is a celebration of living life “in the moment” which was a lesson he learned through a process of experience which we all shared.

Thanks for the support Phillip.

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  1. Glad to share the good news, John!!

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