Thanks to Madi Preda for Helping Launch His Revenge

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A thank you to Madi Preda for helping in getting the word out regarding the launch of His Revenge. You can visit her site Author’s Promotion to view the post. My thank you includes a little information about Madi.

Madi is the author of How to Promote and Market Your Book and the driving force behind Authors Promotion.

Madi Preda is a freelance publicist, who started doing promotion for books and writers when her husband published his two novels. She created publicity campaigns for many writers, traditional or self-published, publicizing more than 50 books within a year of launching her first campaign. Her mission is helping authors to gain more exposure and media coverage through her online marketing campaigns. As a result of her experience she decided to write a practical guide for authors, or aspiring writers, in marketing, explaining step by step how to make a book successful from the manuscript stage to wholesale distribution.

You can reach Madi here:

Facebook: Facebook profile


  1. Thank you, John, who’s helping who?

    1. Ha ha ha. All together.

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