Big Thanks to Helen Valentina for the Help with the His Revenge Launch

helen Valentina









Helen Valentina is helping launch His Revenge with a post that you can find HERE. I want to thank her by giving you a little information. She is the author of several intriguing dark stories called Darker Realms  which she publishes right HERE. You have to go and read just one. You will be hooked. Trust me. She is also an accomplished poet and has given is a number of poems worthy of deep thought,

Helen Valentina was born, grew up in and still lives in Australia. She writes as a way to understand why we feel what we feel, think what we think and ultimately do what we do. She writes poetry and novels in broad themes that reflect the elements – love stories and emotion reflecting water, satire and comedy reflecting air and so forth.  Future works will also include novels that reflect different elements and genres but will always return to the one central question: what is it that makes us who we are? Check out the Darker Realms.

Thank you, Helen.

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