A Huge Thanks to Jan Hawke for the His Revenge Launch Help #RRBC

jan hawke

Jan Hawke is helping launch His Revenge. You can visit her post HERE. I want to thank her for helping and to give you a little information about her.

Jan Hawke is the author of  Milele Safari: An Eternal Journey. (click the cover to visit Amazon)

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She is also a very supportive member of Rave Reviews Book Club and I have appreciated all her tweets and wonderful sense of humor.

Here is what Jan says about herself.

“Pretty basic for now – I’m Jan, English, retired but hoping to be writing full-time from now on.
I live near Launceston in Cornwall UK with Toby and Benji the Springer Spaniels – it’s a tie between the boys as to who’s maddest, but as I outrank both of them in being weird anyway it’s not open to debate really.

I’m physically lazy with things that don’t hold much interest for me (so that’s mostly housework and, increasingly, cooking…), but I love where we live, mainly because I chose it for being so quiet and off the beaten track, very close to the moors and quite near to the sea.

I also love books, both to write and to read, the latter of which can be very eclectic (I enjoy Julian Barnes, Kate Atkinson, Jeanette Winterson and will happily admit to Jilly Cooper too) but in the main I’m heavily into SF&F, particularly Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Julian May, although I can pass on Zombie Apocalypses fairly easily…

…how I’ve chosen to write about Africa for my first novel may be something of a surprise to my friends, but if you read it you may find that all of the above information manifests in there somehow!”


  1. Great post, John. I’m Way behind on reading blog posts, and I do apologize for that. But this was a great one to hop in on. 😃

    1. Thanks. Never too late.

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely thank you post John – it was my pleasure to help with your launch and His Revenge is wending it’s way onto my TBR list ! 😀

    1. You are the best. Thanks.

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