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Today at 11:00 AM CST I will be hosting an interview with Simon Cornish author of an absorbing book titled Rosetta. You can tune in by clicking HERE.

Rosetta blurb:

 Damaged, enigmatic and beautiful, Rosetta could prove to be the key to unlocking a three-thousand-year-old mystery that would shake modern science to its roots.

With the unexpected death of his old university professor, paleolinguist, Graham Chandlers is surprised to learn the man had a daughter, Rosetta. Intrigued after she performs a ritual in an ancient language at the funeral service, he is drawn in further when he is left the professor’s journals; journals that hint at a cover-up concerning the professor’s last dig and a paradox that keeps pointing back to Rosetta.

A little more about Simon in his own words.

“With a career as a professional animator, illustrator and scriptwriter I’ve always been involved in the creative process, one way or another. People have said it tends to give me a visual, even filmic approach to my writing.

Wanting to explore my writing in more depth I undertook an MA in Professional Writing at Falmouth University, graduating in 2011. Since then I’ve written a good deal of short fiction, won a couple of prizes and had several stories published. In 2014, I edited and published an anthology Between Stops, featuring the work of several edgy writers along with some of my own.
 After years of being trendy in Brighton, I now live as an eccentric in an idyllic part of rural Devon, but then, Devon is full of eccentrics.”
I read Rosetta and enjoyed it immensely. The writing is tight, and the story moves quickly.
You can visit Simon’s book on Amazon and Simon at Facebook, his website, or Goodreads. His twitter handle is @unforgivingmuse



  1. I love that SImon didn’t mention the eccentrics in Brighton too – but then maybe they’re too trendy to be called eccentric! 😉
    Looking forward to a Cornish man living in Devon (just over the border from me in Cornwall) on BTR today 😀

    1. Good to know where Devon is, Now let’s see if I can pronounce it correctly.

  2. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Another RRBC Alumnus hailing from the South West 🙂

  3. Jan, My first thought was that you always spotlight the most interesting people. Second thought is that Rosetta is going in my library. Best of success to you and Simon.

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