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Fireball friday

Another Friday. next week at this time the entire United States will be out in the stores duking it out for those gift bargains. I’m glad my shopping list does not include children’s toys. It is almost a necessity to go rumble with the masses given how much kid’s toys cost these days. I can be thankful that my list is rather subdued and most of the items would not be found on sale at the big box stores anyway. So I’m just going to chill at home and wait for Ciber Monday to come around on November 30th. When it arrives, I will pound my keyboard and try to fill my cart while everything is available. I just hope everything will be available. Oh yes, Happy Friday. We made it. This week started with a return trip from Detroit that was a nightmare. Flights cancelled, lightning, fog, no food, and very late arrival. Today’s JohnKu talks about home. I hope you like it.

Home by John W. Howellย ยฉ 2015

Turmoil and trouble,

Turning the trip home to hell. . .

The refuge worthwhile.



  1. Nothing beats turning into your driveway after a rotten trip – glad you made it in one piece – enjoy the Fireball! Looks a bit deadly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is a good feeling. Have a great weekend Jo. DO NOT TRY FIREBALL. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Smart move waiting for Cyber Monday. I don’t go anywhere near a mall on Black Friday. Easier this year since we have a family outing. As for the chaotic trip, glad to hear you got home okay. Bad weather and traveling are always a headache combo.

    1. This one was a real challenge. Waiting in line for ticket changes I called the airline and booked my own. I think I got the last seat out.

      1. Nice. It always amazes me how much of a mess that could become. They never have a plan for emergencies like this. At least from what I can tell. Then again, what could you do since you’re faced with a large group of upset customers?

      2. There were a couple of seniors in wheel chairs and heaven knows what happened to them

  3. Oh my… but so true; a very apt Johnku.
    I’m all for Cyber-Monday… I hate to go out to shop. For the most part, if it won’t come to my door, I can’t be bothered. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll have to make a landing bay when the drones take over delivery. Have a fabulous Friday! Hugs.

    1. Drone Delivery. I love it. A wish for a wonderful Friday to you as well.

  4. Glad you made it back home OK in the end ๐Ÿ™‚ You just reminded me why I do just about anything to avoid travelling by air these days…. :-O

    1. So true Jan. What a hassle. Thanks

  5. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid flying for five years! You make me want to try for another five…

    1. You go boy. I agree.

  6. Sorry to hear about the trip back from Detroit John. There’s been a bit of reaction against the ‘black Friday’ shopping fiasco here in the UK. Some big stores are giving it a miss this year. Have a good weekend, and a wonderful ‘Cyber Monday’. Actually there’s another Friday before ‘Cyber Monday’ isn’t there?

    1. YUP. Have a great weekend Guy.

  7. Most definitely, John — coming home (not the travel, but the arrival) is always dandy! Happy Friday to you!

    1. And to you Debbie.

  8. Glad you made it home finally. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm.

  9. Fireball Whiskey…I like that stuff. There’s always been something about cinnamon that I enjoy.

  10. Great haiku. Sorry you had such a rotten trip home, but you made it safe and sound.
    No sale is worth fighting the crowds on Black Friday.

    1. I agree. Thank you. Yes it is good to make it back.

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