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Black Friday


Here we are BLACK FRIDAY. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying in the house. I have to rest up for the Baylor Bear football game tonight. They are playing those TCU Horned Frogs. In our house, we have a high affinity to Baylor. The prime reason is that we sent a small fortune to Baylor along with the youngest. The other reason is we like to watch them play. They have a fast tempo that is exciting. They are capable of running a play every 19 seconds and usually can manage a touchdown in under two minutes. This kind of pace leaves you exhausted from watching and cannot imagine what the opposing team feels. The TCU/Baylor rivalry goes back some years but came to a head last year when the Big 12 voted Baylor and TCU as co-champions. Neither team felt the other deserved the title. So this week marks a chance for bragging rights. Let’s hope they fall (the rights) to Baylor. Today’s John Ku talks about team loyalty.

My Team by John W. Howell © 2105

They roll over all,

Using time and talent well. . .

Preserving honor.


  1. I can see how a co-champion thing would cause some issues. Somebody has to pull ahead at some point.

    1. So true. Caused heartburn for a year

      1. Not enough TUMS in the world, huh?

  2. Love the cartoon.. and am in total agreement.

  3. Go Baylor! This is the only time I will say that. I’m hoping that ISU’s string of tough losses continues on Saturday when WVU rolls into Ames. I’m still waiting for WVU to gain a foothold in the Big 12.

    1. They do try hard though. I enjoy watching them.

      1. They came close twice. I’m just hoping they don’t pull it off. We have a bet. If ISU wins, I have to wear an ugly red and yellow ISU tee shirt to work.

  4. We’re watching football here, too — there’s absolutely nothing I want or need that would drag me out of this house in a cold downpour like what’s taking place outside!! Hope your Bears prevail!

  5. I thought for a moment there that you were playing in a football match tonight John. Don’t blame you for missing Black Friday. There is something deeply concerning about the whole thing. Perhaps you’d change your mind if Whole Foods embraced Black Friday. Enjoy the game. Wishing Baylor Bears all the luck in the World.

  6. So, I guess that wasn’t you I saw rolling on the floor at a mall, punching some poor bloke?
    I knew you were wise, John…I stayed home too!
    Good luck tonight!

    1. YUP. Was not me.Thanks

  7. Okay… I admit — I don’t know the first thing about football… but is there really a team called the Horned Frogs? It sounds like something you might come up with on story day… o_O
    Happy weekend! Mega hugs.

    1. Yes it is true. Happy weekend to you.

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