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As you may know, I am a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club. What you may not know is the reason I joined and what the Club has meant to me. Let me clear these last points up.

I joined Rave Reviews Book Club to become associated with like-minded writers who were interested in promoting each other’s work. At the time, I looked at some organizations and had made the decision not to associate myself with them due to what I considered unusual quid pro quo requirements.

By quid pro quo, I’m referring to the practice of following each other if followed, reviewing each others books if reviewed and other scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours kind of programs. At the time, these practices seemed a little shady to me and so I passed.

Then I had a chance to read a blog by an RRBC member and decided to visit the site. What I found was a whole new kind of club. This was a place where others supported each other with blog tours, twitter messages, and a management team interested in Indie author success. Well, I signed up and let me now quote some statistics.

  1. When I joined RRBC, I had about 600 Twitter followers. Today I have over 5,250 followers. I did not get these followers by an aggressive plan of following and then following back. These followers came to me because they saw I was promoting my fellow authors and would in all probability support them as well. There are over 400 members of RRBC and not all follow me so as you can see these are not just member followers.
  2. When I joined RRBC, my first book My GRL was resting near the bottom of the Amazon ranking pile. Each time the club got behind the book (Book of the Month, Spotlight Author) the rank shot up into the five figures and held there for several days.
  3. When I joined the club, I had twelve reviews for My GRL. Currently, My GRL has forty-four reviews that have come as a result of the publicity. Of the forty-four, nine are by club members. It can be said although all club members don’t review any individual book those that do, add substantially to the information new readers want to know before buying.

So why don’t you go to the Rave Reviews Book Club site and take a look at all the activities? You never know it may be something you want to join. (Full disclosure: I am a member of the Board of Governors, the Tweet Support Team, and host or co-host of  four Radio broadcasts. YES I’m biased)


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    About 7 months for me. I highly recommend Rave Reviews Book Club. Lots of wonderful members and supporters.

    1. Thanks for another reblog Kim.

      1. My pleasure, John!

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    Playing catch-up with NaNo today so this will be ‘my bit’ to spread the word and maybe get you some more fans John! 😉

    1. Thanks for the reblog Jan. You gave at the office.

  3. Hi John, yours are very good reasons for joining #RRBC. We have all experienced growth as members. 🙂

  4. Thanks John! Just in case I had any doubts about what the future is gonna look like!!! Rave Reviews has helped grow my Twitter followers, as well!

    1. It happens almost like magic.

  5. Great post John. I knew you kept busy, but holy cow!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks Craig.

  6. Loved your post! 😉

  7. Those are awesome statistics, John. RRBC sounds fantastic. I wish I had time to do half the things I should; I’d put this at the top of my list. Wow… But for not I have to put a roof over my head.
    Congratulations — you really have achieved a lot. Great big hug. 🙂

    1. You need a roof. Don’t feel badly if that is all you can accomplish. I, of course, am used to sleeping outside.

    2. You need a roof. Do not feel badly if that is all you can accomplish. I, of course, am used to sleeping outside.

  8. John, that’s exactly what happened to me and due to Lyme disease I can’t do half of what I’d like to. The other groups I checked out were also drawing one in for free and then charging for everything. I love people and this is certainly a ‘people ‘ place. I hope to be more active this coming year. And this group finally taught me how to maneuver on twitter so I can actually find you guys and tweet–well almost always lol.

    John, you are an inspiration to us all.


    1. Thank you so much Micki. You are an inspiration as well.

  9. Good information, John! If I ever have a book published, I might join up 😉

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