Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Miss.”

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Linda Hill is back from her trip to Japan. Since she is well rested and of sound mind she has dictated the prompt for this week is ‘miss.” Now here comes the good news. We can use it any way we want. If you would like to join in this fun, please visit Linda’s site to read more on how to behave. Here is the link

Miss by John W. Howell © 2015

“Excuse me, Miss.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I am wondering how you find that book?”

“Oh, this book?”

“Yes, the one you are reading.”

“I have to say it is hit or miss on the plot.”

“Oh, really? I’ve heard a lot of good comments about it. What is the miss, Miss?”

“Miss? miss. You are a corker.”

“Excuse me, Miss? A corker.”

“You know a funny person.”

“Not really Miss. I’m quite plain.”

“Not from where I’m sitting. You look rather distinguished.”

“I’m blushing Miss. Can we get back to what you describe as the miss part of the story Miss?”

“Oh yes. You see the plot seems logical part of the time and illogical at other times.”

“I see. So you would not recommend it.”

“No, not really. It’s stuffy, and the dialog is convoluted.”

“I’ve never heard that before Miss.”

“Wait a minute. This picture on the back. It’s you. You wrote this book.”

“Yes. Jonathon Miss at your service.”

“Aw come on your last name isn’t Miss. It’s Jenkley.”

“Might as well be Junkly Miss.”

“Will you sign my book?”


  1. Well this is a hit John. I love the ending. I can see that happening.

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    1. I have this fantasy about walking by someone and see them reading one of my books. This scene would keep me from engaging with them though. Thanks Dan.

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  2. LOL, I was afraid that was going to snowball into an Abbott and Costello headache making riot. 😀
    Fun exchange, John. But I wouldn’t take her word for it. I think she might have “missed.” Mega hugs!

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    1. As any author would do she should be ignored. Hugs


  3. I’m glad I didn’t…..miss this one.

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    1. Ha ha ha . Thanks


  4. *applause* Nicely done as usual. 🙂

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    1. *bows* Thank you gracious sir.


  5. I was going to buy this one, buy I must have missed it on the shelves.

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    1. Know what you mean

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  6. Writers want to feel like our words are resonating with readers, but the whole exchange is really hit and miss.

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  7. Interesting take, John. Something somewhat disconcerting, watching someone read something we’ve written!!

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    1. Yes. Especially given the feedback


  8. Only you, could write this, John! Well done, indeed.

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  9. Very well done. Loved the story, especially the ending.

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    1. I’m glad Michelle. Thanks for saying so.


  10. Hilarious and loaded with that special touch of Howell genius.

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    1. Aw so nice Hook


  11. What a way to get a critique! Haha!

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