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sweet revenge


Well, we have hit Friday again. This week it seems Friday came up and smacked me in the face. I didn’t have a lot of time to wish for it to arrive. I looked up and there it was. My favorite day. Last night I had a My GRL and His Revenge book signing and out of it came a delightful drink courtesy of my wife. She named it His Revenge since she mixed Sweet Revenge liqueur with lemon-lime soda. The liqueur is described on the label as “Wild Strawberry Sour Mash.” I think that just about describes the drink with the added value of 77 proof. The Revenge part comes the next day. Today’s JohnKu discusses the mystery of the morning after.

Morning by John W. Howell © 2015

Laughter and good times,

Accompanied by a sweet quaff. ..

Dawn is agony.


  1. A drink named after your book? That’s awesome. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thanks. You as well. 🙂

  2. Sorry to laugh at your pain, but oh, your johnku is so funny 😉 Been there, done that!

    1. You have the shirt right? (You know the one that says,”never again.”

      1. Yeah, I think it’s stuck way back in a drawer … 😉

  3. That’s pretty. Looks like a Lydia Pinkams label. It probably cures everything too.

  4. It sounds as though your wife is as creative as you, John. Loved this! I hope your day becomes less agonizing. 🙂

    1. Yes she is. The day is great.

  5. Classic. Now pitch it at some local bars and you might become as famous as Rob Roy!

  6. I think this cherry-colored concoction is right up the Professor’s alley, John! Your wife sounds like a very clever woman — I trust the drink was a celebratory one, not one in which to drown your sorrows!! Happy Friday, my friend!

    1. Was a celebration. Thanks Debbie.

  7. Oh Lord! I think I must have had some of those recently… 😉

    1. Ah. The old gin flu stikes again.

  8. Apt Johnku. I like the description ‘Wild Strawberry Sour Mash’. Does the ‘Sour Mash’ refer to how your brain feels the next day? Hopefully you’ll be recovered in time for your Friday Margarita.

    1. Good description of the brain. Ha ha ha

  9. A His Revenge sounds like an interesting drink. Cheers for Friday, John! I am loving our beautiful sunny weather.

    1. Yes me too. I was out in it today and it was glorious. (Putting up the Christmas Lights)

  10. That drink thingy is very awesome indeed.

    1. Yes. Packs a whollop

  11. Oooh… that sounds intriguing. I’d try it.
    How exciting — a book signing! Wonderful. Here’s to a fantastic weekend. Mega hugs!

  12. Your wife is genius, except for the revenge part. 😀 😀 😀

  13. Almost makes me wish I drank alcohol.

    1. I sometime wish I could say that but since I do drink I’ll just have to suffer.

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