Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt Socks

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It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again and this week’s prompt is “socks”. Linda Hill says we can use the prompt anyway we want. Now I have to ask you how many ways can you used the word “socks?” Well if you would like to know more about this program just visit Linda’s site You can pick up all the info you need there. Here is my interpretation.

Socks by John W. Howell © 2015

“So what did you do after the guy socks you in the nose?’

“I stood there and cried like a baby.”

“what? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“You don’t know how much that hurt.’

“I can imagine but to just stand there and cry doesn’t sound like you.”

“Oh, it was me alright.”

“How long did you stand there?”

“Not long. I wiped my tears, bloody nose and then got revenge.”

“Got revenge? How did you do that?”

“Well, this guy was wearing white socks see.”


“He got blood all over them.”

“I don’t think that sounds like revenge. He could just wash them.”

“Oh, I should mention.”


“I hit him with my ball bat.”

“What did he do?”

“He was on the ground out cold.”

“So you bled on his socks?”

“Poetic ain’t it?”

“I’m walking away now.”



  1. LOL. Not the kind of “socks” I expected — but that’s what makes it fun! Happy Day After Christmas, John — better known to many as Returns Day.
    Thanks for all the holiday fun you’ve given us here this week. Mega hugs!

    1. Thank you, Teagan. Best of everything on this this long holiday weekend

  2. Impressive that he missed the shoes. 🙂

    1. Yeah, wonder how he did that?

      1. I’m going with magic.

  3. You can do so much with so little, John.
    I’m genuinely impressed.

  4. Now I’m remembering Kurt Schilling and his cloudy sock. I wonder if it will wind up in the ‘Hall of Fame.”

    1. Was quite a deal when someone accused him of paint instead of blood.

      1. I’m sure he was pissed. I also noticed my auto-correct error in my comment above. Sorry.

      2. I knew what you meant.:-)

  5. You always know how to sock it to me.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day, John.


    1. I did pilgrim and hope you did as well

  6. I’m giving you an O negative for this post.

    1. If it were an O+ it would be a universal donation.

      1. Ahh, rarity is good.

      2. Yes it is. I just finished yours and it is fabulous.

      3. That’s extremely kind of you to say so.

  7. morgaine620 · ·

    me too… walking away 😉

      1. morgaine620 · ·


  8. “Bled on his socks.” I’m sure that is deeply significant.

    1. It is very symbolic in the mind of the guy doing the bleeding. 🙂

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