Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


You can tell some rain is moving in. The waves are beginning to build and the front has produced some clouds. The daytime temps are in the 70’s and it is expected to go in the upper 40’s at night. This will be one of the last photos of this vinyl walkover. As we were walking back yesterday there were some men working on tearing it out. Not sure how we will be able to get to the water since construction of the boardwalk is expected to take at least six weeks. I think we may have to drive around since the dunes are loaded with rattle snakes and I’m sure you’ll agree it would not be good running into them. Next week should be an interesting photo. Yes that is my wife with Bailey the boxer. Lucy is up with me behind the camera.

Here is a photo of the beginning of the work. The wooden posts used to be covered in vinyl. You can see the spot where I normally take the picture way at the end by the Gulf. It is still untouched due to the sand covering the walkway.


Last week’s photo.

2015-12-19 08.54.36


  1. Hi John. First off, I see on Yahoo news articles that there was horrid weather in a lot of Texas. Though it doesn’t sound like the coast was effected, I hope all your family and friends are okay.
    This is going to get really interesting with the construction… WAIT A MINUTE DID YOU SAY RATTLE SNAKES??? Good golly Miss Molly! How do you keep them in the dunes and away from… Oh I don’t know, like the kitchen or under the bed?
    Ummm what were we talking about now…?
    Mega hugs 😀

    1. Good morning Teagan. The snakes pretty much stay away from us. Now and then you will see one on the sidewalk sunning itself. They have rattles so the we can hear them and stay away. (which I do religiously) The workers have snake proof boots so they are okay. I imagine most of the snakes have already moved out to points further away. Happy Sunday.

  2. Now I have the definitive reason not to live near you. Rattlesnakes?? Seriously?? I would not want to be working on the new boardwalk.

    I hope the storm is a mild one.

    1. The snakes won’t bother you if you stay out of their habitat. I’m with you on not wanting to be near them though. These are diamondbacks, some o the biggest kind.

      1. This is Texas after all.

  3. Yeah. Rattlesnakes are not a good thing to run into. Going around is definitely the smarter idea. Didn’t realize the boardwalk was so long. It reminds me of the temporary ones they put up on the local beach at times. Really long walk from the buildings to the water.

    1. The dunes are our protection from the surge so we don’t mind the walk.

      1. We don’t have much in the way of dunes. Sandy definitely didn’t help that.

      2. During hurricane Ike we lost 20 feet of Dune. Was really amazing to see the dune work so well.

      3. Ouch. Good thing it worked. We don’t really get storms like that up here, so we had no way of countering it. Guess we should find a way to be prepared. Shows that you never know what will happen, especially with the weather. Did the dunes get replenished?

      4. Ike happened n 2008 and the dunes were back after about two years. The twenty feet gone left about 75 feet in reserve.

  4. Beautiful pictures, John – I can see why you moved south!!

    1. Thanks John. Yeah we love it here.

  5. I had no idea your walkway was that long. If there are rattlesnakes in the dunes, surely you see them from time to time on the walkway. I don’t mind snakes, but you can have rattlers, coral snakes, and the like.

    1. The walkway is too high but we do see them on the sidewalks and street.

      1. That will keep you on your toes!

  6. My wife got a new job, it doesn’t look like we will be going down there this year. Sigh

    1. Aw. Too bad.I’ll keep the pictures going for you.

  7. I didn’t know that there are rattlers in the dunes. Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. Yup. Most people don’t know that when they visit. There are some signs but who pays attention to signs when on vacation?

      1. I certainly will – next time.

  8. It is good that the walkover will be repaired. I will look forward to new views of the gulf. I guess winter is going to pay us a visit and stay a few days.

    1. Brrrr. From 70″s to the 50’s and below.

  9. Who says Paradise isn’t real?

  10. I had no idea snakes were found so close to the ocean, John.
    Boy, have we had the rain. It rained all weekend and the forecast is for it to continue into late next week. I think I’ll stare at your photo from last week for the next several days. 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha. We have had rain as well

  11. I miss Seagrove now!!!!!!!!!

    1. Beautiful section of Florida. Never been there but have heard.

      1. I go yearly! It is beautiful there! I liked your photos it reminded me of the area!

      2. We are on the Western side of the Gulf, but it is still the Gulf.

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