Thursday – A Little Personal – Watch Heron


Here is a friend of mine that occasionally comes to survey what is going on from a perch on pole number 41. The entire beach has a marker every 10th of a mile, and this one is the pole near our walkover. In fact, you can see some of the construction rising out of the sand on the right side of the photo.

I like this heron since he is like a watchdog for the neighborhood. He is not easily distracted when he is sitting on pole 41. He will sit all day without complaint and pay either.

This photo was taken on Monday, Feb 1 at about 9:30 in the morning. The Gulf is to the right.


  1. That’s too funny. It’s fascinating when animals do odd things like that. Have a thriving Thursday, John. Mega hugs

    1. Thanks, Teagan. You as well. Hugs

  2. He is the master of all him surveys. Honestly the patience of some animals is amazing.

    1. I have to admire that since I’m the opposite.

  3. It’s comforting to know someone is watching over the neighborhood. What a beautiful sky.

    1. Yes the sky is showing itself these days. We love it.

  4. We get a lot of grey herons on the river Taw estuary and one of the local National Trust houses, Arlington Court, has several roosting pairs that return to the estate year after year. The Trust have set up a hide beneath the tall pines that they nest in and each year we go out and watch the chicks (which appear to be made of badly assembled coat hangers) fledging, it’s very amusing.

    1. O would love to see that. In the wild they are pretty reclusive when the chicks come.

      1. This is still “in the wild” really, the grounds of the estate are huge and there is no access to the area near the roost. The hide is set up some distance away, with direct line of site and binoculars provided for visitors.

        This is the estate I mean…

      2. Beautiful. I noticed the heron in the coat of arms on the stained glass window. Thanks for sharing

      3. Yep, that’s the Chichester family crest, it appears all over the estate.

  5. They seem to be pretty predictable. There’s one at work that spends a lot of time in a tree. He fishes right outside my window though.

    1. Kind of nice though.

      1. Oh yeah. I like them.

  6. All day without pay? I must needs speak with him.

    1. Yes. he needs an agent.

  7. Hi John,
    There are quite a few around, aren’t they? You know, I saw one on pole 70 lately [], and I’ve also seen them in and around the harbour on previous visits to Port A. Always good motifs, aren’t they?
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. We have a Great Blue in out backyard this time of year. He is beautiful in the sun. (I can’t get him to pose, however.)

      1. They can be shy, can’t they? I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though, that you’ll manage to shoot him – with the camera, of course. I got a few pictures of a heron – and other birds – at the birding centre on South Padre Island last summer [].

      2. Your pictures are interesting. I have never seen the kind of Heron you have pictured around here. It is called a Louisiana Heron and sticks to the shore line of the Gulf Coast and most of Florida.

      3. Thanks, John, for the definition. I had tried to find out what kind of Heron it was, but no success.

      4. I liked for the other birds in the photos but can’t nail them.

      5. Neither can I – obviously.

  8. Not a bad job – great view too!

    1. I have to admire his position. Thanks Teri.

  9. Ha ha. He’s not just sitting up there, you know. He’s doing a survey for a plan in the works. On the other hand, he may well be waiting for love to make an appearance. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Let’s hope the latter.

  10. I wonder if it’s our heron…. We have one who sits on an eagle sculpture on the pond in the summer. 🙂

    1. He is wintering over here.

  11. A guard-heron?? Never heard of one, but he seems to be doing the job well!

  12. Is he guarding something or keeping tabs on you?

    1. I think the latter

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