Thursday – Little Personal

As most of you know I have been going on and on about the new walk over that is being constructed over the dunes. This is for our community and will allow us all to access the beach on foot or with a golf cart. My Sunday feature Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf has pretty much stuck to the pure form of looking out at the water from a common spot.

I think rather than disrupt that scene I will give a view of the progress of the walkover. This first picture I ran last  Sunday but shows the beginning of the walkway.


This next picture is to give an idea of how the structure looks mechanically. It was taken on Tuesday of this week.



This is a view looking toward the Gulf.


This is a photo of the structure at about the half-way mark. You can see the views will be pretty good. Where the walkway currently is unfinished will be an observation platform.


The walkway will then take a left and end up on the beach. You can see the front loader taking more sand out of the dune to make way for the access to the beach.


That red stake is a marker to show where the middle of the walkway will be.

And now for Dan Antion, I have a photo showing a closeup of how the boards and beams are attached. Yes, Dan, that is real stainless steel on all nuts, bolts, and nails.





  1. That’s quite a construction project, it’s looking good.

    1. thanks Dale. it is moving along.

  2. That’s a serious bridging project! Lovely to have an observation point built in as well for those with mobility issues – it’s hard enough for the able-bodied to cope with a trudge through energy-sapping sand. Glad too that it’s looking so compatible with the dunes – it’s a living, moving landscape and deserves a structure that will merge naturally into it in time 😀

  3. All that and sunshine, too? You’re spoilt, Mr H

      1. Good for you, John. Colour me green.

  4. Reminds me of the local boardwalks. So, is this walkway going to be going farther than the previous one?

    1. It meanders around so it it longer. It is also twice as wide.

  5. Wow, they’re really moving along on the project. I expect lots of Sunday photos once it’s complete.

    1. Aye, aye captain. 🙂

  6. I’m digging the walkway. I’d march around on it.

    1. It makes a nice sound when you have jackboots on your feet.

      1. I would walk about freely just to hear that noise.

  7. I cannot wait to get down there and walk it. Probably not this year though.

    1. Yeah. The wife’s job.

  8. Hi John,
    Now tha’s quite a walkway! I hadn’t thought it would be that big. Great access to the beach, I think. Have a great day,

  9. That’s some project, John! I imagine the stainless steel hardware is designed to hold up in salty air and water?? How much longer do they anticipate before y’all can use it?

    1. We are planning to be done by March 3rd

  10. This is taking shape nicely John and it looks like it’s being built to last.

    1. We hope so. Thanks Dan

  11. I agree with Dan — It looks built to last. I know you’ve mentioned how the salt air erodes everything.
    John, I really enjoyed this post. I like seeing how things progress. And I admit, it was fun to have a picture of the front loader at work. Have a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs!

    1. Thanks Teagan. Yes the salt air puts a world of hurt on most metals. Stainless steel weathers it the best.

  12. Holy Moly. Talk about making headway. I see this is a fantastic addition to the beach area. The lookout will be marvelous. I like that it’s wider than I expected since it will likely be popular and busy. Thanks for sharing. Nice to watch progress at work. 😀

    1. Thank you Tess. We are going to Austin to try and get a golf cart.

  13. This is quite a walkway! I liked seeing the structure. Very solid! Great to see the progress, John! You live in Avery peaceful area! Have a wonderful Friday! Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Have a lovely weekend

  14. These pics are PERFECT for a Canadian winter!
    Thanks, John!

  15. It looks quite comfortable … 🙂

  16. That is quite the bridge! It seems much longer than the original.

    1. Yes, it wanders around a little.

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