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Thank heavens its Friday


Friday came pretty quick this week. Not sure why, but I’ll just take it as a good thing. Of course, at my age to see the days fly by tends to make one wonder. Is there a way to slow them down? Maybe the idea of days rushing by is a matter of perception since as we get older, we know that there will be fewer and fewer days, so each becomes pretty precious. We then take more time being amazed by how fast they fly. Meh, enough of this. Today’s John Ku talks about the footrace as a metaphor for life. I hope you enjoy it.

Footrace  as Life By John W. Howell © 2016

We start out slowly,

As if climbing an incline. . .

The downhill goes fast.


  1. So so true. :-0

    1. Yes it is. Thank you for the visit and nice comment.

  2. This is a version of that old riddle isn’t it?:
    “What starts of with four legs, then has two legs and ends up on three?”

    1. Hadn’t thought of that before, but you are right. (I don’t have a cane though)

      1. Give it time…

      2. Suppose you are right.

  3. Interesting thought. So two people standing next to each other could have opposite perceptions of time. One would think the day is never ending and the other believes it is going too fast. There’s probably a story in there.

    1. You are so right. A story in the making. Who has dibs?

      1. Sounds very science fiction-y. Though magic could be in there too.

  4. Indeed time does go faster and faster, John. It seems that energy follows the same flight plan. I have a theory (joking) that we’re born with all the energy we’re ever going to have… that’s why little kids have such an abundance of it! 😀
    Happy St Patrick’s weekend :mrgreen: I hope all the celebrants will stay inland at pubs. Mega green hugs!

    1. Mega Green right back. I like your theory since it explains a lot. (like how can kids play in 60 degree water all day and not freeze to death) Happy weekend.

  5. I love this, John…so true. Have a great weekend!

    1. You as well Jill. Thanks

  6. Oh man – that downhill’s almost too thrilling! 😉

    1. Thank you Jan. Loved your comment.

  7. You know, John, I’d agree but for the fact that even Domer says time is speeding by!! Maybe it really is for all of us??! Happy Friday anyway.

    1. Well I think you have hit on something. Does the government know about this? LOL

      1. Must be a conspiracy!

  8. Tell me about it John, I’m no spring chicken myself. When I was a kid a physics lesson could last for the equivalent of a whole week now. There’s this drug called slow mo in that Wesley Snipes movie Blade. It certainly slows things down, but I don’t think you’d get much done on it.

    1. ssssssllllllllooooooowwwwww mmmmoooooo? Have a good weekend Guy

  9. Sigh. Isn’t that the t.r.u.t.h.? Well put. Happy Friday.

    1. You as well Tess. 🙂

  10. It was a hard climb to 36, then a smooth plane til 46. Somewhere around 50 things took a nose dive. But there are little hills and dells that make it a pleasant journey.

    1. Thanks Susan. I feel the same.

  11. The downhill definitely goes fast, John.
    Well done.

  12. I hate going downhill …. 😉

    1. You and me both but I can’t seem to stop it.

      1. And we pick up speed as we go … Yikes.

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