Friday John Ku – AKA – TGIF

Thank God it's Friday

Friday is here again, and I think it is about time. This week has been the week of repair. No, not mental or physical repair but repair of the house. We have had workmen in and around since Monday. There was a leak in the garage that required taking out a substantial amount of drywall, finding the hole, and then putting the drywall back. Included was plastering and painting with a side of texture thrown in.

The strip of siding that was blown off in the wind which needed replacing. Just when we thought all the work was complete, our Time Warner system did a hick-up, and a tech was here for the better part of a half day. So now looking at the weekend I can say (knock wood) the workers are gone, and there is peace once again.

Today’s John Ku is about why not to put off repairs. I hope you like it.

Repairs by John W. Howell

One little wet spot.

Nothing to worry about yet. . .

Till the ceiling falls.



  1. I hope your weekend is problem free, John. Oh, you’ve got Time Warner too? I’m happy you got someone to come to your house, we always get transferred to the Philippines. Great John Ku!

    1. Yes. We were in the Philippines for a while until they couldn’t figure out the problem. Came down to being sent the wrong cable boxes.

      1. They can be frustrating to deal with…it’s never a quick call.

      2. I had to call back today and thought of you while on the line. I almost asked if they were from Manila.

      3. Ugh…I feel your pain, John. It’s a never-ending ordeal when it comes to TWC.

  2. Hope you have a repair free weekend. Seems this has been a really windy week for people all over the place. Maybe we can all travel Mary Poppins style this weekend.

      1. Stranger companies have existed.

      2. Uber Umbrella Pizza Delivery Co.

  3. Glad you were able to get all the repairs done in time for the weekend! I love the meme … That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling these last two weeks at work! It’s been crazy and today is April Fool’s and we have new boss starting today so I’m sure things will just get crazier πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend, John!

    1. Breaking in a new boss is like breaking in new shoes except the pain is in a little higher spot. πŸ™‚

  4. Hopefully repairs come in threes and you’re done for 2016 John.

  5. Glad to hear the repairs have been successfully made. We started with a wet spot on the roof then the rain started pouring in. It even came down the chimney into the fireplace. What a mess. — Suzanne

    1. Whoa. Makes mine look very small indeed. Thanks, Suzanne.

  6. Oh dear, hope the weekend brings a repair free few days for you John!

    1. Here is hoping. Thanks Lynn

  7. That makes for a crappy week. Your John-Ku is perfect. I’ve known many who put off repairs and had similar things happen.

    1. Yes. Not a good thing.

  8. Ugh… sorry about all the repairs and resulting intrusions, John. But the Johnku still cracked me up. πŸ˜€ Mega Friday hugs.

    1. Thanks, Teagan. I try to get the humor into each one. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. I think the intrusions are the most annoying part. HUGS for Friday.

  9. Yikes! When it rains, it pours. Glad to here things are getting back to normal and maybe you can relax a little.

    1. The wind and rain were too much. Thanks Susan.

  10. Odd, isn’t it, how repairs always come in bunches. Glad your “problem kids” seem to be mended now, and I hope your weekend proves restful and trouble-free!

    1. Yes. Looks like clear sailing ahead.

  11. Pleased to hear that the house is in order once again John. I know you are pretty good at DIY yourself, and are able to fix many things, unlike me. Enjoy the margarita.

    1. Yes all is well now. Thanks Guy

  12. Breakdowns seem to come in threes. TGIF to you!

    1. Thanks. Yes threes are the groupings.

  13. I just looked at a house where the ceiling tile was coming off due to an upstairs bathroom!
    Great haiku

    1. Stay away from that one.

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