Friday John Ku – AKA – TGIF

Thank God its FridayFriday is upon us with the fleetness of a gazelle. At least, it seems that way. For us old folks me sitting at home writing our my hearts out, the days move way too fast. I know, I know not much sympathy from you younger folks who need to get up and head out the door to some other place of employment. I have to imagine that unless your job entails standing on your head, the days have to move pretty quickly as well.

I was on the phone with my uncle who is 92 and he mentioned how quickly he felt his life passed. He says he has no regrets and that he lived a full life but is still amazed at how fast it went.

I suppose this is another lesson in taking the time to enjoy what you are doing since before you know it that time may be gone. Today’s John Ku talks about appreciation. I hope you enjoy it.

Appreciation by John W. Howell © 2016

Smelling the roses,

Is said to enhance one’s life. . .

Make it once a day.



  1. I think that picture says it all, John!!

    1. Thanks. I do too.

  2. How wonderful that your uncle has no regrets…I hope to say the same one day. Great meme, John! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks Jill. The meme made me laugh.

  3. I’ve heard people mention that life goes too fast. Funny how some moments never end and others are gone in a blink. Some days it makes me wonder if the concept of time is more flexible and illusionary than we believe.

    1. I think time is something we don’t understand fully. I seem to be focused on it lately and can only imagine it is because it is running out.

      1. I think about it a lot too. Mostly if there’s enough time to get everything done and if I wasted too much of it. Hope your time isn’t running out too quickly and you have plenty of roses to smell. Just be careful around the ones that buzz. Learned that lesson the hard way.

      2. I know about the buzzing flowers

  4. Excellent Friday Johnku! I do try to be mindful every day, pause and watch hawks flying overhead or admire the blossoming trees now that spring is here. It’s good therapy too 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, John!

    1. You as well Marie. Thanks for the visit MWAH.:-)

  5. I feel like time speeds up as we age. How wonderful your Uncle has no regrets, we should all aspire to be able to look back on our lives & feel this way💛

    1. I think so too Lynn. Thanks 🙂

  6. I’d rather smell the coffee (far too much John Cannon transference there! 😛 ) but that’s a lovely sentiment John! 😉

    1. Thanks Jan. Can never have too much John Cannon.

  7. Love your Johnku today — and couldn’t help chuckling at the goggled dog! Your uncle has a great attitude — perhaps that’s why he’s still among the living. To approach each new day with optimism, interest, and enthusiasm sounds like a perfect formula for a happy life!

    1. I think so too. Thanks Debbie.

  8. The image reminds me of our dog John. She goes out on a windy day, and she totally forgets about the “business” at hand. She sticks her nose into the wind and she just sniffs everything…from everywhere.

    1. Our terrier did the same.

  9. A feast for thought, John — and a lovely Johnku. Mega hugs

    1. Hugs to you Teagan.

  10. Time flies John. I would smell the roses, but unfortunately I have a flower allergy. Enjoy the margarita. It’s well deserved.

    1. I hear you on the allergy. Have a good weekend

  11. You have multiple hearts, are you a Timelord?
    I’ll take coffee over roses, any day.

    1. Not sure about the Timelord, but tend to agree on coffee.

      1. Dr Who has two hearts.

      2. I have attention problems.

  12. Great advice from your uncle. Time flies when one has fun … then again, seems to drag on when anticipating. Life was racing as Then again … time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana.

    1. Or fruit flies get in the wine. Thanks Frank

  13. Fast indeed, John. Hosted my grandfather (90) a few weeks ago, and mentioned the same thing. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Sadly, I’d have to hang out in the gift shop or guest rooms to smell roses at the hotel, John.

    1. Any rose patterns on the carpet?

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