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Another Friday to celebrate. Woo Woo. My celebration is for a week well spent doing catch-up on my “work around the house” chore list. I have often commented that living by the Gulf is like being on a boat. There are a number of things that have to be constantly maintained. Little stuff like door locks, door bells, lamps, fixtures, vinyl fence, and even siding.

Since I have finished book three of the John J. Cannon trilogy and am just waiting to send to the editor, I have a little free time each day. Having time will be a temporary situation since my next book is calling for an edit. Yes, the first draft is done, but I’m sure it is a big mess and will need more work.

So, I got out the power sprayer and went to work spraying everything that would tolerate water. That included the whole exterior of the house and all the vinyl railings and fence. I must say the house looks better not covered in salt and sand.

I also put lubricant in all the locks and managed to change out some vent covers which had deteriorated as a result of the sun.  In addition, I reconditioned the doorbell (which is an annual affair)

All in all a productive time. I expect my wife will be shocked upon her return from Austin where she has been helping youngest daughter move. Today’s JohnKu talks about doing some things you don’t want to do.

The List by John W. Howell © 2016

Your daily conscience,

On the refrigerator…

For what seems like months.



  1. Your wife will be very happy, John. Congratulations on a productive week!

    1. Thanks Jill. Got a gold star.

  2. Have to admit that using a power sprayer is fun. Got to use one down in Florida, but it wasn’t that strong. I probably shouldn’t be trusted with even minor power tools.

    1. Mine is a RIGID tool “blow the paint off the house” model. I have to be real careful.

      1. Think I remember those from my 89 days of working at Home Depot. At least one that was returned because of something that happened with the family pet. Don’t remember if it was a dog or cat.

      2. OMG. Stupid human trick I’m sure.

      3. Wasn’t sure. The person just said they had an accident and the pet was okay. My best guess is that they were using it and the animal ran in the way of the blast. If it was a stupid human trick, I think the person would have been out of jail.

      4. The pet okay is the good part.

  3. LOL. Love it. It was even more amusing to me because it took a second for the conscience on the refrigerator to sink in. You’re a crafty one, John. 😉
    Sounds like your plate overfloweth as usual. Thanks for taking time for this. Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. You made my day. (I love to be described as crafty) HUGS

  4. Geesh, I am feeling incredibly lazy as I sit here sipping on my coffee this morning, reading away. I had better get busy!

    P.S. Your wife may be away more often if she comes home to a spotless home each time she returns!

    1. Good point Lynn. I might consider going back to my writer norm which is nothing but writing. 🙂

  5. Well done, my man. I just had the power washer out for patios.

  6. I love Fridays! It sounds like yours is very productive. In fact, I’m feeling kind of tired reading all you’ve accomplished, LOL!

    1. Kick back with margarita.

      1. I’ll make mine Chardonnay 🙂

      2. Good idea. My margarita’s are killer.

  7. John, you are so productive, even you are not writing! It has to be a good feeling to get those chores out of the way, at least until they need to be done again 😉 You deserve an extra tall margarita. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you Marie. I am copying your comment to submit to the margarita authorizing department with my request for an extra tall. MWAH

      1. Good luck 🙂 MWAH back at ya!

  8. I remember reading you post about the doorbell, John. It wasn’t that long ago. Maybe a brass knocker would be better.

    1. Yes it was not too long ago. I had to buy a new spring for the button and rebuild the mechanism. Maybe I will. Of course, the whole thing was about two minutes.

  9. Oo-er – I’ve got so many fridge monsters I’ve lost count… 😛

    1. I know what you mean. Thanks Jan for the laugh

  10. Well done catching up on all the DIY John. I am sure your wife will be happy when she comes back from Austin. Enjoy the margarita.

    1. Thank you Guy. Yes I got a gold star.

  11. Congrats on your accomplishments, John. This kind of productivity should ensure you a celebratory weekend!

    1. Thank you Debbie. Have a good weekend yourself.

  12. Very impressive! Those chores should have kept you out of trouble while the wife was gone. Cheers for the weekend and the next book project!

    1. Yes I am trouble squared.

  13. Congratulations on getting all those things done, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

  14. Well done, John.

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