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His Revenge


Another big week has gone. I  finished my run through of the editor’s work on Our Justice (The third book of the John J. Cannon Trilogy) and was pleased to get it back onto her desk for the last brush up. She did some great work, and I am very happy.

Also, I have the second book, His Revenge on special from now until Monday, June 13th. The sale is in the US and UK market. The price is a paltry 0.99 in dollars and pounds. The links:



Today’s JohnKu talks about a sale. Hope you like it.

Sale by John W. Howell © 2016

Bargains are very fun,

We hunt quality for cheap. . .

At whose final cost.


  1. What a relief that the ball is now in your editor’s court, eh? Enjoy the weekend, John!

    1. Well it looks so good coming from her that the ball may only be momentarily over there.

  2. Have a fun weekend.

    1. You as well. Been a great promo week for you.

      1. Yeah. Got the book to 65 on the Top 100 Men’s Adventures, which was cool. Hope it keeps going since new stuff is slated for next week.

      2. Congratulations.

  3. Perfect johnku! Yes, bargains are cheap but there is a cost to someone. Still, hopefully this bargain will lead to more sales and more book reviews 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, John. Congrats on getting your edits done. Another well-earned margarita 😉

    1. Thank you, Marie. Have a great weekend

  4. Time for celebration. Margaritas for everybody! 🙂 Have one for me 🙂

    1. I’ll wait until after 5:00. Thanks.

  5. A very apt Johnku. I hope this bargain brings you huge success.
    That’s a fantastic milestone re the new book! Congrats. Have a fabulous Friday! Mega hugs

    1. Thank you Teagan. I’m wishing you the greatest weekend. Hugs.

  6. Who doesn’t love a bargain?? Well written, John (and I hope the sale goes well for you!). Congrats on returning the edits to your editor — I imagine it’s good to get that off your desk as the weekend approaches!

    1. Yes. Big relief *Gulps Margarita*

  7. This bargain offering may well prove a windfall following. Happy weekend, John. 🙂

    1. Aren’t you sweet Tess. Let’s hope so. 😀

  8. An apt Johnku John. Good luck with the promotion. Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy a martini or 2 this evening. When it comes to promotions I’m always checking my sales stats every 2 seconds, which is futile, but I just can’t resist it. Have a good weekend.

    1. That checking stuff drives us crazy doesn’t it? Why do we all do it then? 🙂

  9. My wife – a huge garage sale fan – loved this, John.
    Well done, buddy.

    1. Ha ha ha. I’m glad cause my wife is a garage sale fan as well.

  10. Congratulations on the great progress of your book, John. I hope the sale brings welcome results. Have a great weekend. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne. 🙂

  11. Progress continues … at this rate, when is the hopeful release date?

    1. Mid to late July. Thanks, Frank 🙂

      1. Hooray …. and my wife got the previous book today!

      2. Makes me smile. Thank you.

      3. I’m guessing she’ll be easier on you than she is on me.

      4. I hope so. 🙂

  12. You’re on a very satisfying stage with your book right now. Congrats and good luck with your sale. Sharing! 😉

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