Top Ten Things To Do at an Animal Adoption Day

As you may know, I normally do a Top Ten Things Not to Do on Mondays. Since last Friday was Dog Day and since my Lucy is a rescue I thought I would turn the tables a little. My wife helps out at Austin Boxer Rescue and was the technical consultant for this post. Here is the sign that she has on her car when making home inspection visits. (Yes there is a screening process for adoptive prospects) Austin Boxer rescue

Ten Things To Do at an Animal Adoption Day

10 If you go to an animal adoption day, understand that all the people with an animal are foster volunteers. They appreciate you being there and would like nothing more than to find a good forever home for their foster.

9 If you go to an animal adoption day, take the time to get to know the pet you might be interested in adopting. Looks are not everything and most important is the fit with your family.

8 If you go to an animal adoption day, do not be shy about asking the foster about the good and challenging traits of the pet you are thinking of adopting. The foster knows the pet as well as anyone.

7 If you go to an animal adoption day, do ask to take the pet for a walk. A walk is a good way to determine any behavior issues while on a leash.

6 If you go to an animal adoption day, do not feel you need to decide on an animal if you are not sure. The animal and the foster are both anxious to find a forever home and would rather not be chosen then to get into an unhappy situation.

5 If you go to an animal adoption day, do not expect the organization to hand you an animal without checking on suitability. The fit has to be right for both.

4 If you go to an animal adoption day, do offer to donate to the organization if you feel inclined. Many times organizations are understaffed and underfunded and can use all the help they can find.

3 If you go to an animal adoption day, do not feel bad if you don’t find a pet you can live with today. Most organizations have a number of pets that can be seen at other adoption days or with private arrangements.

2 If you go to an animal adoption day, do not expect the animal to be free. Most organizations provide the animal with vet care, immunizations, and sterilization. These services cost money and also when there is a re-homing fee, history shows the incidences of failure are much less.

1 If you go to an animal adoption day, remember if you can’t adopt volunteer. If you can’t  volunteer, then donate. There are too many unwanted animals and not enough organization resources to help all.

Lucy says,” Thanks for reading my John’s post.”



  1. It wasn’t enough to make sense, you had to tug at our heartstrings too, John. Great post. Happy to share. Tell Lucy I said “aw, who’s a good girl…”

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks , Dan. Her rear end goes into wagging action with those words.

  2. Having lived with and loved a Boxer I might change the sign to read “…looking for a lap!” Our Beautiful Brindle Boxer was a lap dog.

    1. Lucy likes nothing better than to sit on your lap. I mean sit as if she is waiting for a bus. Thanks, Pam.

  3. Very cool event and list. All of that makes perfect sense.

  4. Great list, John! Aw…Lucy looks so sweet.

    1. She is the sweetest. Thanks, Jill.

  5. Give Lucy a nice pat and a scratch behind her ears, please!

    1. Ha ha ha. She gets many a day but I will give her one and tell her Pit says, “Hi.”

  6. Cute sign, John — and a marvelous Monday post!
    Aspen and later, Crystal were both rescue kitties. When I got Crystal in NM, they did an in home visit before they would let me have her — even though I had already paid. A careful bunch. In my experience, the adoption fees are entirely justifiable. Mega hugs! 🐱

    1. Thanks, Teagan. I think the fees are mandatory given the number of dog fight weirdos who love to get their bait dogs for nothing.

      1. You’re welcome, John! 😀

  7. Sound advice in every line.

  8. Excellent post, John! Our past two cats have both been rescues – they chose us – and have been the most loving and personable pets.

    1. They are quite grateful for their peeps. 🙂

  9. Aw…Lucy is adorable! All practical advice for visiting an animal adoption shelter. Kudos to your wife for volunteering!! Our son volunteers in Houston for Dachshund Rescue and it is important to do those home inspections. We have no dogs but all of our cats have been rescued from the streets. Yes, the fees are worth it and we do give money to shelters. Have a good week! Wasn’t the weather great this morning? A hint of relief for what the fall has to offer!

    1. We loved our walk on the beach. Such a difference. The water was clear right to the beach.

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