Top Ten Things Not to Do on Labor Day

Labor Day


In honor of Labor Day and since I’m currently preparing for the launch of Our Justice, I’ve decided to use the same blog as last year and boil the top ten list down to the most important items. Let’s all remember those who make our lives easier and more pleasant. The remembrance includes we authors.

Top Ten Things Not to do on Labor Day

10 through 1

On Labor Day have fun but do not drink and drive. If you do, at best you are a fool. At worst, you could hurt or kill an innocent person not to mention your guilty self.

Happy Labor Day all.


  1. Great advice. If I can only do one, I’ll leave the car in the driveway. Good luck preparing for the launch, John.

    1. Reminds me of one of my co-workers. Ask him to stop after work for a couple of beers and he would say, “a couple? If I can’t have all I want then the answer is no.” Have a great day, Dan

    1. Thanks you for the reblog

  2. Good point, John.

  3. Great advice, John. Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thanks, Jill. You too.

  4. “Let’s all remember those who make our lives easier and more pleasant.” That’s a beautiful point, John. Because many of those people aren’t making much money, while they labor at jobs that make our lives easier. But regardless of tips or salaries, I sure do appreciate the various delivery people who bring my stuff up my 13 front stairs (not to mention the parking charges and stress of driving around town it saves me).
    Looking forward to the Our Justice launch. See you on Wednesday!
    Have a lovely Labor Day. Mega hugs.

    1. You as well Teagan. Notice I put writers in there because I think we qualify as poorly paid workers. Big Hug to you.

      1. Paid??? I’m working my way up to that part. 😀 More hugs back.

      2. Lower than low paid. 😀

  5. Excellent advice. Enjoy the day.

  6. John, Happy Labor Day Book launch! Good advice! If you’re driving (and not drinking) watch out for weavers & swervers in traffic! 💛Elizabeth

  7. Hear Hear, John — well advised. In a similar vein, may I add, Do not drive distracted … ever. And whether that means driving impaired or texting while driving or putting on mascara as you’re navigating traffic, don’t. The life you save might be your own! Happy Labor Day to you, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Happy day.

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    Great advice!

  9. Sage advice. Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day John!

    1. Thanks, Phillip. I enjoy your comments. Good to see you. 🙂

  10. I have been made aware by Rhonda of several (frankly insane) rules that apply to the wearing/not wearing of certain clothes and/or colours, before and after Labor Day, are you aware of such things.

    And…Well, why?

    1. Yes. No white shoes or belts

      1. How would I know? Why the Beefeaters at the tower?

      2. Guarding the crown jewels

      3. What happened to the security system?

      4. They are it.

        (The jewels you see when you visit aren’t the real ones, sorry)

        Plus, ravens can give you a nasty pecking.

      5. I get the feeling all your clothes have to taste of pumpkin spice, too. At least I’m sure that’s what I read somewhere…

  11. Love it! I refrained from all of them.

    1. Gold star to you.Thanks, Susie. 🙂

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