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Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Launch of Microsoft Windows 1.0 in 1981

  This week marks the 38th anniversary of the launch of Microsoft Windows 1.0 in 1981. Most of us were around for this event but probably didn’t pay attention to it when it happened. So let’s go back now that we have the knowledge of what Windows became and view the historic occasion. I have […]

Ten Things Not to Do If You Have a Disruptive Neighbor

  I have listened to folks complain about their neighbors. Most of them would like a violent end to the misery.  So I developed this list, which might be helpful in avoiding any unpleasantness when it comes to dealing with the situation. Also, this week in history is all about who won elections, so maybe […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Laying of the White House Cornerstone in 1792

  Yes, this week marks the anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the White House by George Washington in 1792. I’m sure you want to be there, but before you go, take this list and maybe avoid making social or time travel mistakes. Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Laying of […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Live Radio Broadcast of a Football Game in 1921

  This week marks the anniversary of the first live radio broadcast of a football game in 1921. The game was played at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. The announcer was Harold W. Arlin of radio station KDKA. The University of Pittsburgh Panthers beat the West Virginia University Mountaineers by a score of 21 to 13. […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Invading Canada with Ethan Allen in 1775

  This week marks the 245th anniversary of Ethan Allen’s capture by the British during his ill-fated attempt to capture Montreal. You may recall Ethan Allen was the American revolution’s first hero by capturing Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain. The Fort gave the Revolutionary army almost 100 state-of-the-art captured cannons and artillery pieces. These were […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do in an Elevator

The inspiration for this post came as a result of thinking hard about the Top Tens that have already been done. Since history was a little less funny this week I decided to do this since it hasn’t been done before. Top Ten Things Not to Do in an Elevator 10 If you are in […]

Ten Things Not to Do at the Opening of the Wizard of Oz in 1938

  This week marks the anniversary of the opening of the movie The Wizard of Oz in New York City in 1938. Since we all want to attend that gala event, we need to take our Top Ten Things Not to Do list so that we can enjoy the evening and not create an incident […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on Memorial Day

    As I have written on past Memorial Days all ten things not to do on this day are the same. Do not fail to remember those who gave their lives to keep us free. I hope you have a peaceful Memorial Day.

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Applience and Furniture Shopping

  Since a better part of our time has been spent in Appliance and Furniture shopping lately,  I have picked up on a few hints of things to avoid. I hope you enjoy them. Again this week there are historical events that don’t really lend themselves to humor. 10 If you are shopping for furniture or […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Congress Authorizes Daylight Savings Time in 1918

  This post continues the Top Ten Things Not to Do with a historical background. This week marks the 101st anniversary of Congress authorizing Daylight Savings Time which set up the legal precedence for the states to take action. So if you were there or plan on a time trip, the following list is designed […]