Views of the Neighborhood

This week I went out yesterday to get some shots of the various parks in Port Aransas. I have to admit I have too many photos for one post. I will continue next week. Today I’m going to concentrate on one of the main parks in the city. The Community Park

Port Aransas Parks

This photo is of a softball field.

Port A parks

And a basketball court.

Port A parks

Now to step it up a notch it  is the baseball field house

Port A pParks

And the field. Yes, that little yellow sign says 352 feet.

Port A Parks

There is also a skate park. (It is the mother of skate parks)

Port A parks Port A parks

Here is the favorite of Lucy And Bailey.

Port A Parks

Here are Lucy and Bailey doing their cow imitation

Lucy and Bailey

Now to action

Bailey and Lucy

Back to rest

Bailey and Lucy

There is a pool. (Water is a little chilly)

Port A Parks

Photo of the pool was difficult since it doesn’t open until noon. I managed one before the police arrived..

Port A Parks




  1. That is a pretty big skate park. Surprised no people were at any of these.

    1. They were there but were suck a motley crew that I tried to avoid them. There is one shot of a kid going over the rim. Thanks, Charles.

      1. I wasn’t sure if that was a kid or not. Working by phone this morning and couldn’t zoom in.

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    Lucy and Bailey are regal…love the photos!

    1. Thanks, Gwen. Not sure regal covers it but I like the descriptor. 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen a skate park before, John. It looks like there’s a lot to do in your area. I love the action shot of Lucy and Bailey. Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Jill. They love the dog park. Happy Sunday.

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  5. Looks like there’s something for everyone there, John. Being flat, it would no doubt be a great place to ride a bicycle. It also looks like every inch of it is landscaped. I would guess being an island, every part has to be made use of. Good pictures. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. Yes the island is pretty flat except for the dunes. The city has made excellent use of this piece of land.

  6. What would we do without parks and public spaces?

    1. Hard to know. We really enjoy ours.

  7. It looks like a really nice community park, John. Clean, well kept, and it seems to have about everything. Ear scratches to Lucy and Bailey. It was fun to see the pups enjoying themselves. Have a sublime Sunday. Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. Hugs.

  8. N.i.c.e. park amenities. The skate park is scary. Wouldn’t want to witness anyone take a fall.
    Lucy and Bailey appear well-behaved during their outing. 😀

    1. They were very good girls. (for once) I agree the skate park is scary. Thanks, Tess.

      1. I seen kids use these in movies and thought it looked scary. Then, they put one of these in our neighborhood and I couldn’t watch. o_O

      2. Yes, Look away. 😀

      3. I’m never stopping to watch.
        Sorry about my missing verb: I’ve SEEN not I seen. Ugh.

      4. Knew what you meant. At my place typos don’t matter. 😀

  9. Parks like this add so much to a community. I am glad Port A has a dog park for your adorable pups!

  10. My old dog was quite the grazer in his day. He loved freshly mowed grass.

    1. These guys just sniff it but they look like cows when they do it.

      1. Probably better. It made mine sick.

  11. Great community area for families (and dogs). Love the pics of Lucy & Bailey. Skate park a bit scary. Yep, I like most pics without people too! Hard to achieve sometimes! Have a peaceful Sunday! 💛 Christine

    1. Thank you, Christine. It has been peaceful and the same to you. 🙂

  12. Great photos! Your town must be a good size to have so much recreational areas. Something for everybody, including the pups! Awesome 🙂

    1. Well we have 3800 people here. (Doesn’t include dogs) Thanks, Marie.

      1. Okay, those are a lot of parks for a small town. I say, you all have your priorities duly in place 😉

      2. I still have more to show. The priorities here are amazing. Kids first (I mean using a village to raise the children), pets second. Drinks for everyone.

  13. Gorgeous day – looks like Bailey and Lucy are having a great time.

    1. They loved it. Thanks, Teri.

  14. Looks to me like the best place to go with a rather varied group of people. Love a good dog park.

    1. We have some of the strangest people living here. Very nice but strange.

      1. Galveston was full of them, too. Fun to watch.

      2. Yes. Sometimes strange seeing them sit on the city council.

  15. Again, I’m late to the party… when I saw the caption of the skate park, I got very excited to see a pick-up game of hockey… but alas, the ice melted!😢

    1. I did not show a roller skate hockey rink. There is one there. I had to leave something out. Thanks, John

      1. How about a REAL skating rink with frozen water and all the trimmings?

      2. Last about 15 minutes.

  16. Good morning, John,
    I haven’t been to any of those parks during our recent visits to Port A. But I remember my wife walking around the community park some years agon.
    Have a great Sunday,

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