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It is hard to believe another Friday has arrived. I hope your week was as quick. I’m currently working on formatting My GRL for the March launch. It is amazing to me that no matter how many times I’ve worked formatting books, I still have to consult my Handy Andy format guide. You would think I would have this stuff in the brain, but no. I excuse myself in that there is so much to do to prepare a Create Space and Kindle version. I am doing the Table of Contents for Kindle right now and don’t trust Microsoft Word’s so-called automatic built-in version.  So what I have to do is bookmark and then link the table. It takes a while but is solid as a rock.

If you have no idea what I was rambling about above count yourself lucky. Today’s JohnKu talks about memory. I hope you have a great weekend.

Remember by John W. Howell © 2017

Some stuff you write down,

Some you trust to memory. . .

Guess which is retrieved.


  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    Today’s JohnKu is perfect! Memory can be elusive, but who forgets Morgan Freeman’s voice — and the written “stuff” – often a surprise. 🙂

    1. “Often a surprise” is the best way to put it. It amazes me sometimes when I read things I’ve written.

  2. This was a fast week, wasn’t it? Loved the JohnKu today, John. These days, it seems I have to write everything down. Happy Friday!

    1. Good idea. Safe way to remember. Thanks, Jill.

  3. That Createspace formatting always drove me nuts. Stopped doing it since the only people buying the paperbacks were my parents and me for giveaways. How do your paperbacks do?

    1. Sounds like me, Charles!

    2. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, Charles!

      1. I’m hearing quite a few authors say this. Kind of a shame since I personally enjoy paper more than digital. Just a big pricing issue.

      2. I still get a thrill when a box arrives.

      3. Going to do any local book signings?

      4. February 9th is the next. Wish I had the new My GRL but can’t make it in time.

      5. Awesome. Just means you need to do another later.

      6. I suppose. It is a bear to set up. My knees get sore from begging.

      7. Knee pads? Maybe hire a kid to do it for a $20?

      8. If I could I would pay $40.

    3. About the same. I use them for signings. I usually sell ten or so when I have an event. I love them, though.

  4. Good old Margan Freeman. He can smile and sound serious at the same time. I bet he’s got his voice insured for a pretty penny. I’ve gone through numerous sheets of paper to supplement my memory. By the looks of my desk and shelf beside it, it’s all stacked within arm’s reach. Have a great weekend, John. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Keep those papers handy, Suzanne. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Oh I know better than to trust my memory any more, I call it swiss-cheese memory or my very own Black Hole (everything gets sucked in – but nothing comes out!!) 🙂
    Have a great weekend, John and good luck with your formatting.

    1. Thanks, GP. I think we are all in the same boat. 🙂

  6. Yeah, can’t remember anything these days it seems. Have fun formatting. I hired my last one out and it was worth every penny.

    1. I did the same. Something happened to my formatter though. Dropped through the floor.

      1. I used Jo Robinson, but I haven’t heard from her lately.

      2. Too bad, I’m going to need someone again. Maybe I’ll hire you, since you’re getting all this education.

      3. Ha ha ha. I think you can write her.

  7. At work (day job) I have a Personal assistant to help me remember stuff, plus an amazing spreadsheet with all the things I need to do. At home it’s my wife and children!
    MS is a big part of that, but I think it only magnifies what is already there…
    Plus, I’m fast approaching 50. That doesn’t help☹️

    1. Well, I’m approaching 76 and can tell you it doesn’t get easier. MS has to make the natural progression a challenge. Let’s keep writing things down. 😀

      1. Sounds like a plan!

      2. A little Donepezil helps as well 😀

  8. Happy Friday, John! You nailed it on memory! I always tell people that my brain is like a sieve 🙂 I have to write everything done or set up reminders on Outlook (work). I’ve never had a good memory, short-term or long-term. I always have to look things up because, even when I do remember something, it’s never the details. At least, not the important details. These last few weeks have been crazy for me at work; thus, I haven’t been around very much here. I miss everybody and hope to get back into the WP swing soon! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh Marie, I would like to say I haven’t noticed your absence but it simply isn’t true. You always bring sunshine when you visit. Please know that you need to do what you need to do for you (Whew that was clumsy) Anyway, It is so nice to have a visit and I hope all is well. MWAH! 😀

      1. You are SO sweet, John! And it’s nice to know I’ve been missed 😉😘

      2. Of course you are. (but understand) 😀

  9. Of course I read that in Morgan Freeman’s voice!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Dan. 😀

  10. Today’s JohnKu becomes truer the older I get. And it seems the more I put into the gray matter (I’m presently taking a course on Google Analytics), the more that leaks out!
    Happy Friday, John!

    1. There is only so much that can fit. Hopefully what drops out is not important. 😀

  11. If I don’t write it down it winds up wherever the missing socks go in the dryer. Happy Friday, John!

    1. That dratted universe of single socks! 😀

      1. Should be a use for them. Maybe we could all join out single socks into a long memory chain. Or not!

      2. A sock wall? Ba-dum-bum..

      3. Ha ha ha. Good one. That will work as well as the proposal. 🙂

    2. Yeah. Where the hell do those socks go anyway? 😀

  12. Seeing that we’re all in the same boat, we should charter a big yacht – Friday Freeman Getaway!! Let’s all write that down so we can remember to do it next week! Thanks for the chuckle and the look in the mirror, John!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, John. The yacht is a good idea. 😀 *looks around for a pencil*

  13. I hope I never forget this piece, John.
    Better write it down…

    1. Use the wall. 😀

      1. Nice one!
        Not a great day to be the Mexican president is it?

      2. Not that wall. Your wall at home. We have to use a capital for The Wall. You are right about the Mexican Pres. If I were he I don’t think I would visit the US either.

      3. But he needs to deal with Trump head-on or continue to be trampled.

      4. If he was on the playground and didn’t come out to face a bully kids would say he was chicken. Not sure about politics.

  14. Nearly inhaled my coffee… 😉 Thanks, John! 😛

    1. Glad you avoided it. Good you had a laugh, though.

  15. I’ve always (I refuse to blame it on age) forgotten things as I go form one room room to the next. Then awhile back I read that there is a valid reason for that. Something about the doorways being a transition that disrupts your thoughts… but I forget. I’ve gone through hundreds of doorways since I read that. 😈 Seriously though here are a couple of credible sources:

    So if I forget something, I’m sure I at least thought of some kind of doorway somewhere. Certainly not age, or lack of memory cells, or squirrels. 😉 Mega hugs.

    1. So true. I also read where memory pieces are only retained for as long as we need them. If we write things down there is no longer a need to remember. Important stuff like driving a car are kept. Thanks, Teagan. It must be the door ways. 😀 HUGS

  16. Formatting is a wretched business, and something I’d think twice about before attempting again. It sounds like you are becoming something of an expert John. Have a good weekend.

    1. We will see. Ha ha ha. Have a good weekend Guy.:-D

  17. I d.i.d. read that poster in Freeman’s voice. Yikes. 😀
    Ah, memory? I used to have one. Now, it’s more hit and miss. 😀 😛 o_O

    1. If you are like me more miss than hit. 😀

  18. Enjoy your weekend, John. Great haiku.

    1. Thank you Audrey. You as well. 😀

  19. Love your JohnKu, and it’s so spot on! Best of luck with the formatting (maybe you can hear Morgan Freeman’s voice in your head when you do it?!?)

    1. Could be. Thanks, Debbie. 😀

  20. I admire you, John, for tackling the formatting on your own. I’ve never tried, but have always paid someone to do it for me. Let’s see….it depends on where I put the memory that I write down as to whether or not it is easily recalled. 🙂 Sometimes I think I’ve spent over half my life looking for things I put away in a safe place.

    1. Safe place is a problem.Living room floor is the best. Never loose anything there.

  21. Mnemonics are cool;
    “Each good boy deserves favour”
    Helps you recall notes

    1. I’m glad that works for you. I’m too far gone. 😀

      1. Well, it should really be “EVERY good boy…” but I took liberties with syllables for the sake of haikuracy.

  22. Has anyone tried Jutoh? It’s supposed to be a good format program. Also, John, may I ask? How do you do local signings with Indie? Do you just approach bookstores and ask? For future reference…

    1. Most bookstores that are independent will give you a chance if you supply the promotional material. They also want a cut of the books sold. Usually 40 to 50%. Major chains are another matter. Usually NO.

  23. So true John. No matter how many books we put out, there’s so much to remember to the publishing process. Good on your for even wanting to format after writing and grueling edits and all else. I still don’t even want to attempt to learn formatting, LOL. 🙂

    1. It is a pain for sure. 😉

  24. Jo Robinson’s services were a Godsend to me. I know zero about formatting. She’s extremely affordable and does a great job. It was worth the $30 bucks to not have to deal with it.

    1. You are right, She is excellent, Susan

  25. This week just flew by! I hope you’re enjoying your week-end and book formatting is going well and is done by now!

    1. Almost done. Whew!

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