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Another Friday here in Austin Texas. We are still waiting for word on the return to Port Aransas. We can’t go back until the electricity is turned on and it is still off. There was some word that it would be back on by tomorrow but we have heard that word before. All we can do is sit and wait.

We are getting no call backs from suppliers. They are swamped.

We are very concerned for the folks in Florida and today’s JohnKu goes out to them.

Bravery by John W. Howell © 2017

When the time comes due,

Get out of the way of storms . . .

To stay is not brave.



  1. Wise words, John. I hope your electricity is restored soon. Happy Friday!

  2. I get the news here on CNN International and it looks scary. The word from one of the islands is that they got the hurricane along with small tornadoes. It almost gives me a chill when people say they’re going to “ride it out”. They might ride it into the afterlife. I hope the electricity in Port Aransas comes back soon. All the best, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Riding it out is not a good thing for people or animals

    1. Thank you for the reblog

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    Well done, John. Vulnerability and stubbornness can be dangerous. Heartbreaking times… 😦
    I hope your electricity returns soon so that you can begin the recovery process. Blessings!

  4. I hope the electricity is soon restored and you can return to your home and start getting back to normal.I really hope no more storms in your direction now.

  5. Hope they turn the power back on soon. Good point on the staying behind thing. Seeing a lot of Floridians laugh about the storm on social media and swearing they won’t be driven out.

    1. I hope they know what they are doing

  6. Glad you’re safe in Austin, where my friend now lives and helps her Houston daughter stay safe while waiting for the waters to recede and the power to be restored. Stay patient and calm. And yes, so many prayers aimed toward Florida now. My college roomie lives in Clearwater, and I’m so worried….

    1. I hope she leaves.

  7. As Gwen said, “heartbreaking times” indeed. This is a wise Johnku. Wishing you a wonder Austin weekend. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. I’m writing from the house now and we have power. Knock wood. Hugs

  8. I hope they get the juice turned on soon, John and you get supplied out of a tight pipeline.

    1. Not sure about the pipeline but we have power now. What a blessing. Thanks, Dan

  9. I hope they get the power on soon, John. The waiting would drive me nuts. I have a lot of friends in Florida and it worries me that some have decided to stay and ride out the storm. Some are afraid they’ll be stuck on the road and out of gas when the storm hits. This is the ugliest hurricane season I can remember. Hugs.

    1. I came back and the electricity is on and off.

      1. Well, I hope they get it on and it stays on. Having no electricity is like losing an arm.

      2. Ha ha ha. I agree with that.

  10. Things can be replaced. People cannot. Wise words, John. Prayers for all.

    1. Thank you, Michael.

  11. Well said, John… so many disasters, so close together, in a relatively small area. I don’t think I’ll be complaining about our 6-month winters here in Canada anytime soon. I hope you’re all back home very soon, John!

  12. Domer is home for a few days, so I’ve been AWOL. I’m glad you’re safe, but I know you’re getting anxious to get back home. Prayers for the folks in Florida — that Irma looks wicked!

    1. Yes, Irma looks to be worse than Harvey.

  13. There are no words. Hang in there and yes, I join you in prayers for Floridians.

  14. Hopefully you won’t have to wait long now John. Hurricane Irma is horrendous.

    1. Looks like a killer storm.

  15. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    It doesn’t take a lot of words to get wisdom across…well said. Hope your power comes back on very soon. Yes, thoughts and prayers going out to Florida– and all the other areas hit from Irma and all the other natural disasters going on.

    1. I agree, DL Thanks.

  16. Well said, John! And hopefully you’ll receive the go ahead soon. 🙂

    1. We did so I am at the house now. My wife and fur babies follow tomorrow.

      1. Wonderful to hear, John! I hope the next stages go as smoothly as can be expected. 🙂

      2. Thank you, Natalie.

  17. I heard on the news last night that Houston sunk a couple of centimetres due to the flooding, it created an actual dip in the earth’s crust! That’s crazy. Thank God, they say it will return to normal as the water recedes, but it’s another way of showing us how vulnerable we are.
    Hugs to everyone facing these storms and the fires hitting the north, apocalypse anyone?

    1. Seems like an apocalypse doesn’t it. Thank you, Jacquie

  18. Hope the lights come back on soon, John. Thanks for continuing to post!

    1. They are on now. Thanks, Phillip

  19. Here’s wishing your lights are on soon, John! and prayers for everyone in Texas and Florida. We were decimated by a hurricane in the late 90s – two weeks with no power and 18 months to get everything repaired (including our roof) and our cars replaced. I hope your recovery goes easily.

    1. Thank you, Noelle. You make a good argument for patience.

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