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This week had its challenges for sure. Stepping away from the personal, the week saw a couple of good things as well. Gwen Plano and I finished the draft of The Contract. By a draft, I am referring to the manuscript that is ready for a Beta read. We will be giving it over to our editor after the beta readers provide their input. We received a super response to our call for Beta readers. My thanks to everyone who volunteered. There will be more to say about the book as we get closer to the publication which looks like may or June.

Here is South Texas we are under a winter storm warning. A WINTER STORM WARNING????? WTH.  Yes, they are calling for snow here. It’s not going to stick but could be up to an inch in some places. Come on, folks. This is the South. I hope I can get a couple of pictures cause it will make an interesting Views of the Neighborhood. Today’s JohnKu talks about the weather. I hope you have a great weekend.

The Weather by John W. Howell © 2017

The sun feels real warm,

I will lay and rest my bones. . .

Whoops, where’s my snowsuit?


  1. harmonykentonline · ·

    I was sorry to read of your sad news this week, John. Congrats to you and Gwen for completing The Contract … good luck with the next steps! The weather is definitely strange these days. Love that poem! 🙂

    1. It is strange. I think right now you are having better weather than we are. Thanks for you kind words, Harmony.

  2. We too are under a watch for snow, but it’s normal for us. What’s up with you guys? I hope you get done good pictures. In case you’ve forgotten the protocol, rush out and buy more bread, milk and water than your family normally consumes in a month.

    1. Ha ha ha. We never believe it will happen so here we are huddled and weak having to exist on this week’s groceries. Thanks for the laugh, Dan (We got about an inch. I’ll show it off on Sunday.

      1. The first few storms up here always make me wonder what these people eat on s daily basis. We might get 3-6” tomorrow.

  3. Ha, ha. I bet the kids who haven’t seen a northern winter will be excited. I love the poor dinosaur up top who can’t clap. Poor guy. Have a great weekend. John. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. School is to start two hours later. Poor kids don’t get a snow day.

  4. Yep…get that snowsuit ready!☃️☃️

    1. Ha haha. We were out in it. Wish I had a snow suit. Thanks, Jill

  5. I heard about there being snow in Texas. Hope you guys are okay since I can’t see there being as much of a plan as we have up here. People know not to drive fast on icy roads, right?

    1. There is zero for snow planning. The only advice. Stay warm.

      1. Good luck. I’m sure the wildlife is going berserk too.

      2. Our neighborhood jack rabbit was making a wake through the snow.

      3. Least he was having fun.

  6. They’ve been forecasting snow for SW Ohio, but apparently, it was a false alarm. Today’s forecast doesn’t mention it. Enjoy your snow, John. I will be awaiting your photos.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. We got about an inch. Sunday will be the day for photos.

      1. Wonderful! I love Views of the Neighborhood.

  7. Gwen Plano · ·

    Dig out that snowsuit and ask the producer for a photo op. I’d love to see that. LOL It’s 23 degrees where I live; “misery loves company” right? 😀

    1. Who wee twenty three. I don’t think I could survive that low. The pups had a great time and I have photos to share on Sunday. Thanks, Gwen

  8. And to think I was laughing about it yesterday. Usually when the weatherman says a cold front is coming, we can expect a dip of 2-6 degrees – big deal! When I heard snow in Texas this morning, it brought back memories of the snow flurries I saw here back in ’77. [oh jeez, listen to me “back in ’77” I sound like the old folks on the porch talking about the storm of ’22!!!]

    1. Ha ha ha. You did give a good imitation of an old fart, GP. Let’s just call it an imitation.

      1. Phew, thanks!

  9. Hard to believe you guys might get snow. Dan’s right – make sure to rush out and clear the shelves of bread and milk!

    1. Ha haha. Too late. We are at the mercy of our own pantry.

  10. Better wax up the runners on your sled. Does your island have hills?

    1. We are at five feet elevation. The only hills are the dunes and one in the middle of the island. It must be 25 feet.

      1. Might have to settle for a snow angel.

      2. Thant is about all we can do,

  11. Now I’m disillusioned…a snow watch in your neck of the woods. Is there no justice? 🙂

    We’re under one for the next five days or so, but mostly just flurries or a stray snow shower.

    I love Dan’s comment about the bread, milk, and water. So true!

    1. Thanks, Mae. You snow on the ground.

  12. Lol! Most unusual for snow to make its way that far south. It will be beautiful, though. Enjoy.

    1. It is, Jan. Thanks.

  13. It’s my experience that the south shuts down when a single flurry falls, so I hope you’re well stocked. (Add toilet paper to Dan’s list.)

    I’m looking forward to the snowy pictures. Try to enjoy the weather. I bet the dogs will love it!

    1. Thanks, Staci. We have an inch on the ground. Yes the dogs love it.

  14. Happy Friday, John! Enjoy the snowfall with the full knowledge that it won’t stay long. 🙂
    We Canadians are settling in for a least three more months of the white stuff. Tis the season! 🙂

    1. I hope you like he white stuff.

  15. Enjoy the white stuff, John – I know it’s been a while!

    1. Thanks John. We did for sure.

  16. I never would have thought snow was possible where you are John. Hope to see some photos of it (if it comes) here on your blog. It’s pretty cold here today.

    1. I’ll have some on Sunday. Thanks, Guy.

  17. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    The weather has definitely interesting lately. I enjoyed your take on it.

    1. Yes it has been weird for sure.

  18. Did it snow by you? I saw Houston on Facebook with a lovely covering of snow.

    1. We had about an inch. It was very pretty

  19. The most wonderful thing I ever saw was a Mexican family experiencing their first snowfall. Never quite seen such delight in the face of children. I showed them how to make a snowman.

    1. I can imagine. We were like that today

  20. The GOOD thing about snow in the south is that it’s gone just as fast as it arrived! Here, once it starts snowing, it doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Today is sunny but frigid — flurries predicted for this evening.

    1. It is all gone already. Was fun though.

      1. The best kind of snow!

  21. Sorry, John, I just wanted to share some of our 3-5 inches with you. I figure you have had a taste of many weather patterns this year–enough to last a lifetime.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Micki. It has been quite a ride.

  22. Can’t wait to see your snow photos! It was magical and can imagine it out on the island. At least it melted quickly when the sun came out.

    1. I think I have some good ones. Thanks, Jo

  23. Hi John. I saw the reports and wondered about Port A. A contact in Austin just told me that they got some snow. And sadly, we are not to be exempt. The big freeze/ice is predicted for the next day too. It just happened that I got my twice monthly grocery order today… so I’m staying put. Stay warm! Hugs.

    1. Yes do stay put. We had an inch. I will be showing photos on Sunday. Warm hug.

  24. It’s only snowed here a few times since I moved here in the late 60’s in the Bay Area. It didn’t stick down here in the valley either but was fun watching it come down, and it made the mountains pretty.

    I hope if it snows you get a photo or two. Stay warm!

    1. I got some photos which I’ll run tomorrow. The snow was quite heavy falling but only an inch on the ground.

      1. Had some photo trouble because of poor lighting but managed.

      2. Looking forward to the images.

      3. They are all set on the horizon though.

  25. Congrats on the upcoming book that you and Gwen have put together. Looking forward to it. Love your haiku… 🙂 now find that snowsuit, Santa just my need to borrow it soon! ❤ xo

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Bette.

      1. Hope you’re being a good boy. Santa is always watching and that snowsuit could earn you some extra points, just in case you need them! 🙂 Merry Christmas! xo

      2. Thank you , Bette.

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