Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Movement”

Stream of Consciousness


“It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again and this week’s prompt is “movement.” Now I have to Explain. Linda Hill says we can’t just use the word movement, but our prompt has to be about a movement. So if you would like to join in, please visit Linda’s post and find out all about it. Here is the link.

Movement by John W. Howell © 2018

“What are you doing?”

“I just came from Linda Hill’s place and have this week’s prompt.”

“So why the long face?”

“Well, the prompt is movement.”

“So? Sounds like a snap. For someone your age who is always worried about a bowel movement you should do well.”

“Very funny. No, you see we have to work in not just the word but an actual movement.”

“Ach. So I was on the right track with that comment about your age.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to you. Seriously I can’t think of a thing.”

“Eye movement.”


“You could describe eye movement when a person is in the REM stage of sleep.”

“Get serious who will care about that?”

“How about the Woman’s Rights Movement?”

“I’m the wrong gender. Not an expert and don’t think I can speak for how women feel.”

“Okay, fair enough. How about history. The Temperance Movement?”

“I drink too much.”

“The Labor Movement?”

“I don’t work.”

“Gadzooks. Help me out here.  States Rights Movement?”

“Not a Tea Party member.”

“AntiWar Movement?”

“Not old enough.”

“Civil Rights Movement. Now don’t tell me you aren’t involved in that.”

“Okay, you may have hit on one that I can talk about.”

“Is there another one?”

“I suppose I could talk about the Environmental Movement.”

“Is that still a thing?”

“You wouldn’t know it but, yes. We are all going to die from plastic poisoning.”

“Okay. How about one more. How’s the Burger Movement sound?”

“The what?”

“You and I move from here and get a burger.”

“Fries with that?”

“Of course.”

“So much for the Health Movement.”

“We’ll do that tomorrow.”


  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    LOL! This is one prompt and response that I’ll not forget. Have a great day, John, and thank you for the laughs. 😀

    1. You are more than welcome, Gwen. laughs are good for the soul. 😀

  2. How do we combine movement and blogging at the same time? The only things in motion are my fingers – well, at least 4 of them are moving…

    1. There you go. I have two in action al the time. 😀

  3. haha, I write my comment before I read your story so that I’m not influenced by your idea – today’s is great, John!

    1. Ha ha ha. I like that method, GP.

  4. hahaha I’m in with that!

    1. With Jill, Charles, Me and you that makes four. I think Dan would join as well. Thanks, Pam. 😀

  5. That’s great, John, and a couple of sliders will help with that other movement. Do you guys have Krystal over there? I remember them from GA.

    1. We don’t have Krystal. My favorite was White Castle in Chicago at midnight.(We don’t have those either.)

      1. We had White Castle in Pittsburgh. Many a midnight slider.

      2. The magic hour for sliders. I used to get a bag of double doubles and order of fries

      3. Mmmmmm that sounds good.

  6. LOL! The Burger Movement sounds good to me. Happy Saturday!

    1. You, me, Charles Yallowitz makes three. Happy Saturday to you, Jill *sung to the tune of Separate Ways by Journey

  7. You are rather prolific … I’m a bit jealous.

    1. That’s like Mosart being jealous of Buck Owens. I appreciate the compliment though.:-D

    2. I take exception at that. I loved Buck Owen. He was so cool on “Hee Haw.”

  8. Simply the Best! Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

    1. Thank you, J. 😀 Have a great weekend.

  9. I’ll join you on that Burger Movement. 😀

    1. Yay. Now we have two.

  10. I laughed out loud at your first thought. Maybe we can turn the Burger Movement into an event over next to the Beer Movement.

    1. Great idea on the burger beer movement. I’m glad you laughed on the BM reference. Though maybe it was in bad taste but went with it anyway.

      1. Didn’t bother me, and shock is a form of humor.

  11. Wonderful ….great work ….

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and visit.

  12. Lol! Oh, and look, it’s almost lunchtime! Perfect segue. 🙂

    1. Yes sir. Hit the ole Whataburger.

  13. This was a great one, John. Loved it!

    1. Thank you, Jennie.

      1. You’re welcome!

  14. And both would go down nicely with a cold Molson Golden!

  15. Forget the prompt (though you did a masterful job with it)… Gadzooks is my word of the day! Improvement is a great kind of movement. So I will try. Hugs.

    1. Move to improve. I like it.

  16. I’m a long standing and very proud member of the Burger Movement. Fried, grilled . . no matter. I think what matters most is the love we bring to it. 🙂

    1. We do bring love and sometimes avocado, bacon, cheese, and onion. Crap. I want one now.

      1. Stop it! Troublemaker!

        PS- Don’t forget a beverage of choice.

      2. MMMMM Frosty Rodio Clown Double IPA by Karbach Brewery

      3. Stop it Boss! You’re killing me and I cannot partake until later tonight! Okay, gimme some ideas . . but be gentle for goodness sakes!

      4. I would start with a nice cocktail and some snacks. I would then move to a laughing red to go along with the massive grilled burger, slathered in Chipotle mayo, with sharp cheddar and sweet Texas onion served on a toasted pretzel bun. Garlic fries on the side with a little cole slaw. Finish with a bourbon of your choice. Excuse me I gotta go.

      5. You got the vibe down cold!

  17. I pegged this to end in a bowl movement… :}

    1. Only get one potty reference per post. 😀

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