Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Displaced

“Hey, Bailey. Come on let’s play. The sun is beautiful.”

“Hold on, Lucy. I hear something.”

“What is it?”

“Pickup trucks.”

“Yup. It’s worker approaching. Pops?”

“Yes, Bailey.”

“What kind of work are we having done now?”

“Floors, Bailey. I told you. Now you guys play while it is still light.”

Lucy and Bailey

“Look at our living room, Lucy. Someone has stolen the floors.”

“Hold on you two. No one took the floors. They have been torn up to be replaced. Look I brought a couple of beds to take the place of the couch.”

Lucy and Bailey

“Pretty skimpy, Boss. That couch was a gold mine. Is it gone forever?”

“No. Just till the new floors are installed.”

Lucy and Bailey

“Hey look at this. A puffy one.”

“Come on Lucy. I was here first.”

Lucy and Bailey

“And this means what?”

“Well, you could share.”

Lucy and Bailey

“I can see that’s not going to happen.”

“Okay, you guys. We need to move downstairs. The guys are going to rip out the underlayment.”

Lucy and Bailey

“That a good girl, Lucy. In the elevator.”

“With your cane, Boss.”

“I noticed. Hey, Bailey you coming?”

“I’m taking the stairs, Pops.”

Lucy and Bailey

“Here you are, Lucy. I have to say not much room.”

“That’s okay Boss. I have my beddie. Don’t need much else. Well, my food bowl and water. And toys, backyard, treats, and a ball.”

“How about you, Bailey?”

Lucy and Bailey

“Yeah pops. What Lucy said and her bed.”

“I don’t see that happening, Bailey.”

“The night’s still young.”




  1. Wonderful. Such well behaved dogs! Happy new floors.

    1. Thanks, Kim. So far they look great. 😀

      1. That’s good. I hope Lucy and Bailey think so too.

      2. If no one asks them to wipe their feet they are good with anything.

  2. Hope it all goes quickly but well for you John. Lucy and Bailey are looking forward to getting their couch back.

    1. They do miss it for sure, David. Thanks.

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    “The night’s still young.” Great line, John, and sweet exchange between the boss and the pups. They seem to be managing the chaos well, which says a lot about you and “the producer.” 🙂

    1. They are doing okay. Both have their appetite which is a very good thing since in times of stress that is the first thing to go. Thank you, Gwen.

  4. They seem to be relaxed. Are they barking a lot?

    1. We have them in the lower level with us. That level is all tile so the workers only need to come in for the flooring. Barking is very short since they know the workers now. Thanks, Charles. 🙂

      1. That’s good. They look comfortable in the pics.

      2. They re a little displaced but making do.

  5. I was wondering how the girls were going to handle the new floors. Hope it’s a quick project and life gets back to normal soon.

    1. Quick is relative. Like drilling a tooth doesn’t take much time but seems forever. Thanks, Staci.

      1. So true. Good point.

      2. Ha ha ha. “Is it safe?”

  6. Lucy looks completely sacked out in her poofy new bed. Poor things are going to have an adjustment though, with all of that work being done. Fingers crossed it goes quickly. They’re going to have fun checking out the new floor when it’s done!

    1. They walk on the finished part like there are landmines underneath. 😀

      1. So cute. I can just picture that!

  7. Lucy just needs her necessities of life. Hope all goes smoothly, John.

    1. You are right. The biggest, softest bed. Thanks, Teri. Bailey actually likes the thin one best.

  8. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:
    Lucy and Bailey are less than thrilled with the installation of new floors after Hurricane Harvey ruined the original flooring – by John W. Howell.

    1. Thank you , John

      1. My pleasure, John – another entertaining episode!

  9. Another awesome post. Mine are the same way with favorite locations.

    1. Think of moving the favorites. They hate that.

  10. Hang in there, girls — repairs don’t last forever, and soon, things will be back to a new normal (or so we hope!). But hey, getting new beds is kind of a big deal, right??

    1. If they are nice, it’s a big deal. Thanks for the support, Miss Debbie.

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    More domestic adventures for Lucy and Bailey as the flooring peeps are in town! 🙂

  12. LOL. I hope the bed did not become a big source of conflict. 😀 I shudder to think of the noise John. Here’s hoping they get it done right and fast. Hugs.

    1. The NOISE is very distracting, Teagan. As you can imagine. Thanks.

  13. An elevator in your house is a good idea, John. I like that. The beds definitely were uneven, Bailey’s going to think you have a favourite!

    1. It was built for my declining years and now Lucy needs it because of her hips being arthritic. My declining years will have to wait.

  14. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    All those boxes of flooring bring back some memories when we redid our whole house’s floors! I have to agree one bed is much fluffier…lol Hope the project is done quickly–bet its going to be nice when its finished 🙂

    1. I think so too. Denise. Thank you.

  15. My girl puts up a fuss when anything happens out of the normal, or sometimes just when a killer truck rumbles past, lol.
    Hope the flooring goes fast for their sake, and yours!

    1. You should see ours when the UPS guy shows up. He doesn’t even have to stop. I hope it goes fast too. Thank you, Jacquie

  16. Love these episodes about Bailey and Lucy! Well, actually, love all your posts! Guess I haven’t been paying attention (also a prerequisite for ‘Twilight’), but I thought Bailey was a guy and Lucy a gal…I saw some references to ‘the girls’ in the comments here…doesn’t matter, love’em both. I lost my ‘Toby’ (Golden Retriever) years ago, and I still miss him so much… But, now, I’ve got, along with Julie Anne, my also beautiful ‘Lady Gray’, a stray cat who decided she wanted to make her home with us… John, SERIOUS QUESTION, why do your posts make me so ‘chatty’??? ♥ (Afraid I know the answer – same as above: a ‘prereq’:for ‘Twilight’… Wow! Just got an idea! I should write a book!)..

    1. Ha ha ha. I think you feel at home when you visit and your should. I got you switched from that jet fuel “Makers Mark” and I guess you are now thinking clearly. Have a Willett.

      1. Forty-five minutes away!!! (From the Willett nee Maker’s Mark!) 🙂

      2. It is five o’clock in Bermuda

  17. Awwwww, poor girls. I knew they were going to be upset about the floors getting ripped up. Good idea to buy the new beds, but you should have gotten two poofy ones. 🙂

    1. Actually Bailey likes the thin one. I sort of took poetic license with that shot.

  18. This is just too funny, John. I only hope we never have to have workers come in for very long. Maddie simply wouldn’t shut up. I wonder if I could get her in an elevator. She won’t go down the stairs.

    1. Lucy rides the elevator since she is forbidden to use the stairs because of her hips. One time it quit and we had to pay triple overtime for a service call on the weekend.

      1. Yikes! But she’s worth it 🙂

  19. Loves them!

    Lucy reminds me so much of my Molly. I miss her so.


    1. Aw. I hope your sadness will eventually be overcome by the happy memories you have of her. I have such wonderful memories of my fur kids yet there are times when their loss hits harder than others. The good times still win out. Thanks, Marc.

      1. Fur kids, I love that. And yes, I have wonderful memories of Mo.

        Thank you John.

      2. I’m glad. I had a good friend who, before he passed, made the observation, “The only good thing about this disease is I won’t outlive my dog.” (He loved his dog.) I understood.

      3. He knew of what he spoke, that’s for sure. To have such a perspective, wow!
        Blessed be those whose lives make the world a better place.


  20. Lucy’s expressions, along with your commentary, just crack me up, John. I don’t think she wants any part of sharing that pillow. Thanks for the smiles today!

    1. You are welcome, Jill. Thanks for the visit.

  21. Lucy and Bailey are much like my preschoolers today. Love those two!

    1. I think they are at the preschool level. Thanks, Jennie.

      1. I can tell. 🙂

  22. Dogs are so resilient they can sleep anywhere.

  23. Can’t call it a good week without my Lucy and Bailey fix. Just love those two! 😘

    1. Thank you, Cheryl.

  24. They are just so loveable.

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