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Friday is here, and I am in the bunker on the lower level of the house. The rest of the space is taken up with saws, hammers, and flooring people. I can’t complain much since I have the internet and electricity.  I am separated from my beloved refrigerator which right now sits somewhere in the middle of the kitchen. Well, we can’t have it all. I’m hoping the kitchen gets completed today, but sometimes that is a danger. (hoping that is)

The trek down the long road to completed repairs is almost over. I must say it has been an experience to remember. Each repair crew has different ways of doing business. Some are neat and tidy, and others seem to relish the saying, “You need to break eggs to make an omelet.” Somewhere in between is the finished product. We will be glad to do without the noise, concrete chips, plaster parts, wood splinters, aluminum bits, dust mounds, paint splashes, grout blobs, nails, and footprints. In short, we will be glad to make our own mess.

We are the fortunate ones. There are still families who have no home and still doing battle with the insurance company. Others have taken their settlement and run. It is estimated that our community lost a third of its full-time residents to Hurricane Harvey damage and will not return.

Today’s JohnKu talks about our sense of home. I hope you have a super weekend.

Home by John W. Howell © 2018

Taken for granted,

Our home is a safe haven . . . .

Being together.



  1. What a beautiful, JohnKu. I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost so many resident, John. I hope you and the producer are making your own mess very soon. Happy Friday! Love the meme!

    1. Thank you, Jill. I like the idea of our own mess. 😀

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    Your home is “being together”. Powerfully captured, John! Hurricane Harvey took houses, but in your case, it did not take the hopes and dreams that make a home. Prayers for you and your “producer.”

    1. Thank you, Gwen. The heart is still beating. Only now it is in time with the hammers. 😀 We appreciate the prayers.

  3. I just know your home will turn out beautiful. But I’m sorry for how much fellow residents lost and were forced to move.

    1. Well sooner or later others will come back. The land prices are quite reasonable.

  4. Lovely to hear your news John and the JohnKu….may you stay snug and safe. Hugs Xx

    1. Thank you, Jane.

  5. Harvey really did you wrong, John… My heart goes out to you with the mess, but especially the noise. The Johnku is truly beautiful.
    Here in DC… 66 mph wind gusts — 70 mph predicted for the afternoon. They called it an urban forest, and those hundred year old trees are coming down all over town. So many trees falling that the news is advising people to stay inside to avoid being hit by a falling tree or large limb… Even the Fed closed the agencies today. (Of course I already have my hours in for the week, so again I don’t get a break.) Same winds expected for Saturday too.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry, Teagan. We are used to the winds and have palm trees which stand up quite well. I thought of you when the weatherman put up a front moving through the District. I think the wind should do you a favor and hit the beginning of the week. Hugs. (Stay inside is good advice.)

  6. I am happy for you that the repairs are being made and the end of the process is near. It’s sad to think that so many people are gone for good. I think I can understand that rebuilding might be too tall an order.

    When I did work in people’s houses, I always cleaned up after myself and other trades. It was always noticed. I found electricians to be the worst.

    1. We found the tile guy to be the worst. He had grout everywhere including the white posts. I had to paint the siding where he has taken a rag to wipe the splashed grout off. It was just a big smear. Of course, he is long gone.

      1. Some people just don’t care.

        When we raised the family room ceiling, we needed to have the newly exposed chimney repointed. The mason rinsed his stuff with a hose pointed to our house and splashed mortar all over our siding.

      2. Thats what this guy did. This was around the faucet. Grrrr

  7. I’m always amazed in a bad way when insurance companies pull stuff on people who made it through a natural disaster. It really makes me wonder how the insurance people sleep at night.

    1. Most live in fear of their bosses. I wonder why they stay in that kind of job.

      1. Gotta pay the bills. I meant more the people in those companies who make the rules to screw others.

      2. The bosses. Yes, I agree.

      3. Ah, I misread the last comment. Sorry about that.

      4. Your point is still well taken.

  8. Your JohnKu is touching, and a reminder that being dis-placed is one of the hardest experiences there is. It also brought to mind that old saying about a house not necessarily being a home. Houses can be rebuilt, but rebuilding human ties can be harder after communities are rent apart.

    1. So true, Linda. We have felt fortunate and blessed that we have our family together. Thank you. 😀

  9. My hand is up. I love Fridays. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and fast and tidy floor replacement. I’m glad your repairs are almost over. It’s so sad that you’ve lost a third of your residents. The weather this year has been brutal. But you and yours are safe, and that’s the most important thing.

    1. Yes thats, Staci. Thank you. 😀

  10. I had no idea that Port A lost so many permanent residents – another blow to local businesses until the summer folks return.

    1. We also have a significant winter population that have not come this year because of no availability. Haven’t seen an Ontario plate yet.

      1. All I have to do is win a lottery and you’ll see my Ontario plate down there!

      2. Ha haha. I’ll warn the natives.

  11. Hope everything settles down for you soon. Nice reflection on the neighbors and the overall community too.

    1. Thanks. It is really too bad folk can’t stick it out.

  12. A third? Wow, that’s an amazing statistic, John. I sympathize with them — hurricanes are no fun, and dealing with repairs afterward can be frustrating. Not everyone is cut out to live along the water. Glad you’re getting your work tackled and hope it’s not too aggravating. Try to think past the mess and focus on the finished product!

    1. Finished product is the focus. Thanks, Debbie.

  13. Sad to hear you lost so many residents, John – makes you wonder if the stress and aggravation of dealing with insurance companies had anything to do with that.

    1. Hard to say. I think the specter of seeing one’s home blown away is not for the faint of heart. Maybe even not for the brave. Thanks, Teri.

  14. Beautifully said, John. So very true, and a nice reminder for all of us. Happy Friday. 🙂

    1. Happy Friday to you as well, Natalie.

  15. Love your endurance and soul-strength, John! God Bless! ♥

    1. Thank you, Billy Ray.

  16. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    It is never pleasant being separated from the fridge and kitchen. Although I got to hang out with our fridge in our family room:) Our home is our safe haven…well said, John. May your quiet one be back soon!

    1. Thank you so much, Denise. 😀

  17. How sad that you lost a third of the residents from your community. I hope the dust settles down soon. It will be wonderful when you have everything back in order the way it should be. Wishing you a wonderful Friday and beautiful weekend.

    1. Thank you, Audrey.

  18. It’s hard to imagine a third of the population gone. I hope you will be able to make your own mess soon.

    1. We are looking forward to our own mess. Thanks, Jennie. 🙂

      1. I bet you are, John! Best to you. 🙂

  19. I’m glad to hear your family found a place to “hide out” while the work was being done and it’s almost completed, John. That baby panda is one of the biggest awww’s I’ve seen yet. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I liked the Panda too.

  20. Good Johnku. Your house will soon be as good as new.

  21. A third of the population left, John?
    You have my sympathies, buddy, that’s rough.
    I applaud your courage and fortitude though.

  22. Your words are touching and true, John. So sorry to hear many residents left, but what a horrific event to experience. I’m glad your work is almost done, even though it’s a little tough living through the mess and noise. Stay safe and warm, and my hands are always up on Fridays. Enjoy your weekend now and you can’t go wrong with pandas either. 🙂

  23. I’m glad the end is in sight! I’m sorry so many people won’t be coming back. 😦

    1. I know right? Thank you, Deborah.

  24. Hope things settle soon! Don’t know how you do all the repairs and manage to find time to write but I guess I did that when they put the roof on mine, lol. I still have a few things I couldn’t get done as the roof price was more than the insurance estimate. Mostly, the gutters and a window but neither are horribly bad. I’ll get to them eventually. Storms are just starting up here again with the North Easter but we got lucky compared to the east coast.

    1. I saw the North Easter on the weather news last night. My goodness what a storm. Stay warm, Staci.

      1. It’s warmed up here again since last night. The snow crocus bloomed so signs of Spring at last. The east coast, unfortunately, got hit the hardest. We were in the inner stretch. Ohio.

      2. I remember living in Columbus and the spring came sooner there.(or seemed to)

      3. Yes, I went to school down in Westerville. It was very nice down there. I have family down below Columbus as well, almost the KY border, it gets nice there too!

  25. Lovely and heartfelt Johnku. I’m still waiting for our insurance to pay up. But I’m not worried about it, because luckily we didn’t get any major structural damage. We can live with it for a while. I’m glad you’re almost done with that mess.

    1. Me too. Thanks, Vashti.

      1. You’re welcome. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Traci. 😀

  26. Well said John.

  27. I’m so happy you are heading over 5e finish line.

    1. Heading to. The over is a little ways off.

  28. At least you are moving in the right direction.

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