Thursday – A Little Personal – More Lessons for Twiggy

Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey

“So Twiggy. We have a couple of things to show you today.”

“Really Lucy? I can’t wait.”

“You have to get up and follow me.”

“Where we going?”

“Oh nowhere. I thought I heard the sound of the UPS truck and wanted to check.”

“What’s the UPS truck?”

“Remember the FedEx lesson? It’s a truck like that only brown. Okay not here. Let’s go up on the porch.”

“Wait, Lucy. I can’t get up there.”

“Sure you can. You have to do a little jump. Like this.”

“Oh, I get it.”

“Hey, Twiggy.”

“Hi, Bailey. Lucy just showed me how to jump up on the porch.”

“How nice. So now you can get up on the porch. Nice going, Lucy.”

“Oh hush, Bailey. You are such a grump.”

“Twiggy you have your own bowl over there.”

“I know, but I want to drink out of the big dog’s bowl.”

“Well help yourself. Then we have to show you the Jolly ball.”

“Twiggy. That orange thing is a Jolly ball.”

“What do you do with it?”

“You take that handle. Pick it up and run with it.”

“Ummm. This is hard.”

“You’re supposed to grab it by the handle.”

“It’s too heavy for me.”

Twiggy and Lucy

“Forget the ball you two.”

“What’s happening?”

“It’s the UPS truck. Hurry.”

“Let me at em.”

“You go, Bailey. Twiggy. Bark your head off.”

“Why do we bark?”

“Not sure. It’s a custom. All dogs bark at the UPS person.”

“That was fun. What do we do now.”

“Well, Twiggy. We take a sunbath.”


“Don’t let Lucy kid you, Twiggy. We take a nap. After all, we worked pretty hard today.”

“Good idea, Bailey. I’m beat.”


  1. those 3 are too hardworking dogs 😂😂😂

    1. They certainly are, Ray. Thanks.

  2. Poor little Twiggy…she needs a rest. Happy Thursday!

    1. She loves to run after these guys. Thanks, Jill.

      1. Guess was I just did? I was cleaning celery, tried to yank a paper towel and the entire roll and holder flew under the running water in the sink. Of course, I thought of you. 🙂

      2. Ha haha. (oops sorry ofr laughing) Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    I love this exchange. I’ve never understood why dogs hate the UPS and FedEx trucks, but now I do – it’s custom. 😀

    1. That’s it. In the DNA there is a UPS/FedEx gene that has developed over the years. Thanks, Gwen

  4. A good view in the “dog’s life.”

    1. Thank you, GP. As you can imagine I had the best time taking the photos. These guys were running everywhere. 😀

  5. Twiggy looks bigger already. Has she grown a lot?

    1. She has doubled her weight. Hard for us to see so thanks. 😀

      1. I went back to her first photo because I was curious. Glad to she’s growing fast, healthy, and happy. 🙂

      2. All of those, Charles. 😀

  6. So much for Twiggy to learn – a dog’s work is never done.

    1. So true. She is working on barking. Makes me laugh.

  7. Love the doggos!

    1. Thank you, Staci. Obviously we do too. 😀

  8. It’s a thriving Thursday at the Howell residence! Thanks for a relaxing visit with the girls, John. Hugs!

  9. Love your pups. Twiggy is new to me.

    1. Yup. Been here a month. Thanks, Susan

  10. I loved them barking at the UPS truck. What a welcome for the driver, LOL. Twiggy has good teachers.

    1. Ha haha. Thanks, Mae.

  11. So much to learn, but she’s in good paws.

  12. Hi John. It certainly is a dog’s life!

  13. A dog’s life can be mighty good, huh, John?! Love the first photo of Lucy and Twiggy going to check out the UPS truck and of Lucy trying to get on the porch. When our dogs turn into adults, we forget how many things were hard for them as pups!

  14. Working hard in the yard and training the new kid on the job – that’s a pretty hard day for Lucy and Bailey – very good teachers. Twiggy is just cute as a button.

  15. These three should have their own TV show! They are so entertaining – of course, the dialogue is a big part of that, Pops. 🙂

  16. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    I am glad to see Twiggy got her barking at UPS lesson:) My dogs have learned that FedEx gives treats so she doesn’t get the bark, but UPS always does. Great pictures on a beautiful spring day with the girls.

  17. So cute! Twiggy needs a step stool to get onto the porch, lol

  18. What a fabulous and patient teacher! Twiggy is as cute as a bugs ear.

  19. Boss,

    I gotta say, that Twiggy is really something. All that cutey pie AND she . . . wait for it . . . drinks well with others!

    Love Pilgrim

    1. Ha ha ha. Good one, Cayman.

      1. Thought you might like that.

  20. I am glad that Lucy and Bailey are looking after Twiggy so well, John.

  21. One of the best, John. ❤️

  22. They sure did earn their nap, but I can’t help but feel sorry for the UPS truck. 🙂 Happy Thursday and Friday, John!

    1. Naw. He deserves it.

  23. I love the fact that Lucy and Bailey are taking their mentor roles so seriously and Twiggy is one lucky pup… nice one John. xx

    1. Thank you, Sally. She loves her big sisters.

  24. Those three deserve a nice nap!

    1. Thanks, Michelle

  25. Glad to see that Lucy and Bailey are following their carefully crafted training plan for Twiggy.

    1. All laid out in the dog mother hand book.

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