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Thanksgiving Eve is as Thanksgiving Eve Does

Wednesday seems to come quicker every week. I guess that is a good thing considering it is the first time in the week we think about being able to make the weekend. This week is kind of special in it is Thanksgiving Eve. I’m not sure anyone really thinks of a particular day in this […]

One Day is as One Day Does

The Community Story Board prompt was posted by LindaGHill and can cover any interpretation the author wishes. So here is my view of One Day. Life One Day by John W. Howell © 2013 One day the sun will bring, One day the rain will fall. One day the birds will sing, One day the […]

Lucy is as Lucy Does

I wrote this poem a while ago when we rescued our Boxer named Lucy. She had been run over by a car and needed tender care. Today she is a happy, healthy, joy filled dog. She loves life and humans and I have always wondered why someone would turn her loose. So this poem is […]

Eternal is as Eternal Does

This is not meant to be a dark post and no one has died causing a prompt. I was sitting editing my book and started to think on some of the burning questions of the day. One question which mankind has been asking ever since crawling out of the swamp, “is this all there is?” […]

Dream is as Dream Does

I have always been fascinated by the power of dreams. Many of my short stories deal with the idea that the dream takes on very realistic attributes. Sometime we are not sure if it was real or not. This little poem attempts to capture the feeling. I hope you like it.   The Dream Conundrum by […]