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Views of the Neighborhood – The Fence

Some of you may recall on one of my tours there was a fence covered with numerous objects found on the beach. Hurricane Harvey took it and there was not enough left to take a photo. I did have a photo of the original. I am pleased to report that the fence has been rebuilt. Here […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Peek at the Damage

I made a point that I was not going to show pictures of the destruction of Hurricane Harvey since I felt it to be an invasion of individual privacy. I still believe that but there are some photos that can be shown which will give you a further idea of the damage of the Hurricane. These were […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Status of Bird Sanctuaries

The last time we checked on the status of the bird sanctuaries they were a bit of a mess from the Hurricane Harvey. I am happy to report they are making a comeback. Here is a photo of Paradise Pond taken shortly after the Hurricane. Here is what it looks like today. This is what the actual […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Recovery

Today on Views of the Neighborhood I want to give you a glimpse of a few of the merchants who are still not in their buildings but who have decided to start on the road to recovery their own way. Most businesses in Port Aransas lost their buildings. A few have decided to open with […]

Cherished Blogfest – One Photo – #CBF17

The Cherished Blogfest is an annual blogfest where we share something we cherish in a blog post. This blogfest began in 2015, and well over 100 people came together to share words, photos, poetry, and thoughts about a cherished item. Many of us established new blog friendships, which continue to this day. I took a […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When a Hurricane is Headed Your Way

  10 When a hurricane is headed your way, do not think it would be a good time to surf the storm surge. If you do, at best the authorities will arrest you. At worst, you’ll ride that last big one into the next county. (Now you have to figure a way back huh, Banjo?) […]